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Ok, so the most recent update is that I'm partially couponing. With the coupon "fad" that has hit it is getting increasingly harder to find the items I want/need on the store shelves with all of the "shelf sweepers" out there. Those are the folks that take everything just because it's free. I mean, come on, seriously........share a little!? I do what I can and shop a few stores that already have super low prices and don't take coupons and now that we have a Dollar General I'm giving that a go as well....with coupons of course :)


Well I'm back at the couponing but I HATE having to sort through all the inserts to find the coupons I need. If you know what you get, know what you want and ONLY want those certain coupons try finding sites like - For a low price you can get just the coupons you need (already clipped) and still save money! It's a busy mom's dream! There are other services out there as well, but this is the one I prefer.


My favorite new thing? Making my own laundry detergent! Yes, you read that right! With a simple mixture of laundry bar soap (like Zote or Fels Naptha), Borax and washing soda (or OxyClean...I get the generic version at Big Lots for $2) you can make enough laundry detergent to last a couple of months. There are no mystery ingredients. It's great for sensitive skin AND it costs next to nothing to make. If you'd like more info on the "recipe" please feel free to message me and I'll give you detailed instructions. I'll post them on here at a later date...when I have a little more time!


Again, back to they now have TOYS!!!!! Every toy needs a second chance, right? Give it a look and don't forget to use the referral code listed at the bottom of this page!!! :)
If you haven't already started using the Just for U coupons at Safeway you need to start! Through the magic of technology (and your Safeway club card) it will personlize savings and coupons just for you based on your spending habits. Sure, it's kind of a "Big brother is watching" kind of thing....but if Big Brother wants to save me 50% on my grocery bill he can watch away! You can choose the regular coupon deals that everyone has and then go to the personlized section where you can see you super top secret deals. All you have to do is link your card at and create an account....then clip your coupons TO YOUR CARD. That's the best part. There is no paper to carry around, you just add it to your card and the discount is taken by the magic club card elves at checkout. HOWEVER, you CAN still use manufacturer coupons in addition to the ones clipped to your card so you can save twice....and if you pile that on top of a sale or temporary price reduction you can walk away spending very little. The key is to just get the items you have coupons for and call it a order to get maximum savings.

Just a quick little heads up - - - - if you "Like" your favorite manufacturers and brands on Facebook you can often times get good coupons from their Facebook pages. Or if you email the manufacturer directly and request coupons you can usually get great coupons with exp dates that are way out there.

Want a GREAT way to stretch a dollar or save a few pennies? Go to and sign up! This is an amazing site where you can trade like new (and in some cases new with tags) clothing for your kiddos. It's free to join. You only have to pay $5 plus the cost of shipping and you get a new box of goodies for your munchkin! The smaller the kiddo the better the deal! The last box we got was 2 like new pairs of pants and a few very nice shirts and I only paid $12. You can't beat that! The best they are featuring toys as well! Want to get that special something for your little one but aren't sure they'll even like it? Find it on ThredUP for a fraction of the retail! All toys deserve a second chance, right?

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