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Monday, June 29, 2015

Katie K Activewear + DISCOUNT Code!

Recently I was lucky enough to become a ambassador for Katie K Activewear!
These are some of the most amazingly cute, versatile and fun clothes! You can wear them to the gym, around town or out on the trails. I was able to get three items and I tell you those walking pants are adorable comfortable and so cute either down or pulled up with the drawstrings.
The jacket (just like the one below) is awesome and I don't know what it is about thumbholes in sleeves, but I adore them....and I adore this jacket. I just wish it was cold right now so I could wear it!
Last but certainly not least, is the super cute and versatile tunic. This one is the most versatile piece. I can dress it up and wear it to work or I can wear it to the gym.....or just around the house. It's good for anywhere and SUPER cute. It's lightweight and perfect for the current heat wave we're going through here in Nor Cal!
Now, don't think I'm just going to sit here and tell you how awesome these clothes are and not offer something up to my beautiful readers! I have a discount code for you!!!! You can use code HEATHER15 and get yourself 15% off!!!!! So what are you waiting for....go check out some of the beautiful items over at Katie K and get yourself looking all cute for your next workout......and you'll be SO comfy!!!!

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