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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey....wanna try some special brownies?

Come on now, they're not THAT kind of special brownie. They're gluten free!
I'll admit it right now.....I used to be a HUGE baking snob. I made everything from scratch and you wouldn't find a boxed mix or jar of frosting in my kitchen or pantry AT ALL. Since going GF I've changed a little. I don't know if it's that I'm lazy, scared, paranoid or what. However, whatever it is it's gotten me over my boxed mix snob prob. One of the main reasons is that I'm scared of messing it up when I do it from gf scratch... and as long as I follow the ol' instructions on these boxes I can't mess it up. I'm still not used to the ratios of things when it comes to GF baking but I'm getting there. Eventually you'll be seeing some "real" recipes from this gal.  
I've had the Betty Crocker brand a few times but tonight was my first time trying the Hodgson Mill brand. I fixed both mixes as directed without any add in's.
The powdered mix themselves were very similar. Both mixed up easily and seemed like "normal" brownie batter. I know you're not supposed to eat brownie batter but I'm a 38 year old American female. I "sample" the batter to make sure it's ok. Yeah, that's it. Ok, so the BC batter was al little gritty but the flavor was great. It has chocolate chips in it, so right there it got bonus points. The HM mix had normal texture but it tasted like chocolate and plants. In the immortal words of Sara (without an h) "Ew". Let's cook 'em up and see what happens.....
Both baked up well and looked normal (and smelled fantastic). The BC brownies were like the normal gluten filled brownies I used to have and even my kiddo likes them. That's the real test right there! The HM didn't pass the kiddo test and if I weren't totally craving brownies I doubt they would have survived. I didn't like them alone, they still had that weird plant-ish taste. The good news, once I smothered those suckers with peanut butter they were a lot better.
Conclusion: I'm all over the Betty Crocker. I've had the cakes/cupcakes as well and they're really consistent and taste more like what you knew pre-GF life.
Thank you, Betty Crocker, for letting me fulfill my cake cravings for a reasonable price! The best part (in our house) is that these products are something my whole family can enjoy. Sure, my family is just the two of us....but even Baby Daddy likes them!
Coming soon.....the GF Bread Smackdown........this could get intense!

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