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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Healthy, nutritious (DELICIOUS) and FAST meals for busy families!

I get a lot of products to try. I admit that I really do like the most of the products I review. I always give my honest opinion (see my recent brownie smackdown if you don't believe me). Rarely do I come across a product that I absolutely fall in love with.

By now you  know that I'm 100% gluten free, not by choice, but because my body is incapable of processing it. I wish it were the "fad" or "trend" that I've heard so much about in the  news lately. In this house, it's a medical necessity.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my paranoia and mundane routine that sometimes takes over my kitchen. I get in a regular meal planning/prepping rut. I have to make my own meals and then make other meals for the little dude. If only there was something that would spice up the boring routine I get stuck in, was nutritionally sound and doesn't take hours to make. (We have about 30 minutes to get dinner going by the time we get home).

Enter: Modern Table Meals. I got a box of samples to share with other parents. The box had some awesome goodies but I was completely intrigued by these products. Within 15 minutes you've got a nutritious, protein packed meal that is not only vegetarian but it's GLUTEN FREE (3 of the 4 varieties I received are GF)!

The magicians at Modern Table Meals REALLY know how to put a meal together. I know, a lot of people think "Oh, it's'll taste like grass covered cardboard"......not the case here! The pasta in these meals uses bean and lentil protein. You get a hefty punch of fiber as well! The sauces and seasoning packets are SO good! Just the rice mix of seasoning and spice. You can add as little or as much as you'd like!

Hopefully, if you're reading this and your this far in your mouth is watering and you're probably wondering where YOU can get your hands on this delicious meal kit!!??! Right?? I know in my area they are available at Target (I'm stopping by to stock up) but if you're not in my neighborhood and can't find them locally you can always order them online or search for a store near you (or ask a store near you to get them NOW!)!

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