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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[GIVEAWAY] Coffee Lovers and Sleep - not always a perfect match!

Drink Caffeine? RUTA supplements remove caffeine from your system within 2 hours using our unique ingredient, rutaecarpine. Relax. Recover. Sleep.

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm a coffee addict.

I'm also a single mom who works full time outside of the home.

I'm also a gamer, a blogger, a fun seeker, a lover of all things crafty and a person who tries to find any and all reasons to go to San Francisco (because I love that city)

All of those wonderful things combined don't make it very possible for me to get a decent slumber filled evening.

I always end up drinking WAY too much coffee and then I can't sleep and end up staying up way too late only to leave myself drinking more coffee and attempting to cover the luggage under my eyes with crazy amount of makeup.

When I was approached by some of my awesome product gurus at Bulu Box and given the chance to sample AND GIVEAWAY some Ruta Sleep and Ruta Cleanse I was ALL OVER IT!

Unfortunately, I was super sick when the products arrived and I had to wait for a while. I didn't feel right hosting the giveaway until I had a chance to thoroughly try the products. Well, lucky for you I have now had a chance to give them both a try and I really really like them!!!

Just to test them out I tried them during our software conversion when I was basically surviving on three food groups: Sugar, Coffee and smoothies. Don't judge. At night, about 2 hours before I wanted to go to sleep I would take my RUTA products and when I went in to relax and hit the hay I was out pretty quickly and easily. There was no struggle to sleep, no restlessness and no groggy/foggy/hungover feeling the next morning!

Now, it's your chance to try it! My awesome friends at RUTA have give me the opportunity to giveaway 10 products! I'm giving away 5 RUTA Cleanse and 5 RUTA Sleep! My giveaway is ending this Sunday so you can get your products and start the new year off right with some much needed sleep!

Enter daily for more chances to win!!!

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