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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Need some room in your kids closet?

I have SO many things to do in the next few weeks.

Job #1: Make some room in the little dude's closet/dresser!

I love to make sure that his gently used items make it to another loving home and provide more fun/wear to another cool little dude! But seriously....who has time to sort everything and list it on eBay? I think I do, but then reality sets in and I'm exhausted. Luckily, I just found and you know what? I signed up. I don't know exactly how whole process works but so far I know this much:

  1. You sign up
  2. You request a shipping label (which is deducted from your future sales)
  3. You sit back and relax.

Well, really for #3 you'll want to start gathering up your kids gently used clothing and toys.....even appropriately rated movies and games can be included. Box them all up (the box size restrictions are on their site) and wait for your shipping label. If you have a functional printer (which I do not) then you can actually get your label printed out asap. lists your items for sale and if they don't sell......they buy them from you anyway. How cool is that? I can't wait to see how this whole process works! I'll be posting along the way as I get a little further in the process. If you'd like to check it out head on over to Swap and check it out!

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