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Monday, November 24, 2014

I LOVE being an Influenster!!!

Disclosure: I received my Influenster VoxBox in order to sample products as a part of the Influenster program. All opinions are my own.


The picture above is my most recently (well, until the package on my doorstep tonight) received box of awesome from my friends at Influenster. I absolutely LOVE the way they group things together and everything seems to go together so well. This box had some AMAZING Rimmel Mascara that seriously put that fiber last stuff to shame (you know, the ones you see online that are all clumpy and gross....this give you the long full lashes without the clumps). There was Resource water (with electrolytes), Hair Food (which made my hair SO soft), Jergens lotions (which made my skin so soft), some lipstick that wasn't quite my color but it's really smooth and didn't dry out my lips. The Rimmel moisture rich lip liner is really cool because it helps keep the edge of your lips from drying out during the colder/dry months. The Puffs in the soft packaging are an amazing addition to my car. I love having tissues in the car but I HATE how the box gets all jacked up once it's been in the car for a day or two with a 9 year old boy. The Puffs softpack totally works in cars! (Look for them!)

However, the most habit forming item from this box was the Swiss Miss with 5......yes FIVE ingredients. No junk, no funkiness.....just mix with warm milk and you're set. It's pretty dang cheap at the Walmart Neighborhood Market too! My little cheater busy mom trick is: put the mix in a cup, put the cup under the trusty ol' Keurig on the smallest cup setting, then fill to your desired level with almond milk. I've also been known to add a splash of peppermint extract to give it some seasonal flare the past few days.

Ok, sorry about that, I got on here with the intention of just sharing my love for Influenster and it turned into me professing my love for Swiss Miss! What can I say? It's good!

So, the moral of this whole story is if you do the work on Influenster you get great items. The common misconception seems to be regarding when/how you get a VoxBox. When you sign up you don't automatically qualify. You have to answer questions on the Hub, answer the Snap questions, fill our your profile, hook up your social media, participate in online parties, blog ,tweet, post and pin your way to a VoxBox. Once you do everything to need to and you stay current you'll see that it's TOTALLY worth it!!!

Honestly, I spend about an hour a week on influnester. That's it. I know people who spend more time aimlessly scrolling fb or ig. In that amount of time you could do a bunch of product reviews and answer questions.

You get MAJORLY rewarded for your time too! There are a lot of virtual badges you can earn and unlock. One day something popped up on my dashboard for PUR. Um, ok. Kind of random but I'm into clean water so I did the required steps and guess what???? Are you guessing??? I WON an 11 cup PUR water filtration pitcher! It arrived on my doorstep tonight. I never win anything......until now! Thanks to PUR and Influenster.

I guess I'm trying to convey to you Influenster is the shiznit, yo.

If you want to sign up message me your email and I can send you an invite. You can get into it without an invite but if I remember correctly it's faster if someone invites you. I've got a few invitations left and I'm happy to help anyone get started! It's open to guys and gals in the US AND Canada! That's right my lovely neighbors to the north! They have some boxes that are ONLY allowed to you Canadian folk! So sign up!!!!

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