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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 and GIVEAWAY!!!

The holiday season is upon us and as much as I've been putting things off I know it's time to buckle down and get serious about this gift list I've got looming on my desk!

Are you like me and you've got some great gifts in mind for most of your gift recipients but you're just at a loss on the rest? I've compiled a little list of items that anyone on your list would love to get.

Now, I have to give you a couple of little disclaimers. One: There are affiliate links below, I make pennies (seriously) if you use my links, it doesn't change any of your pricing on the sites, they just kick me down a few cents for helping them market their wares (most of which I've tried and have total faith in). Two: I'm a nerdy blogger mom and my take on what the "normal" woman would like are pretty basic. I'd rather have a sonic screwdriver instead of a fancy bracelet. So, you've been warned.

If you really don't want to tackle the crowds, kids, angry shoppers and 4,000 elevator music versions of Jingle Bells, then head on over to Amazon. They start their sales early and you can take advantage of their 30 day free Prime trial.


The Ladies

You can never really go wrong with something heartfelt. I know, that doesn't help you figure out what to get that special gal in your life?

If your special lady is a mother get something that reflects that. There are many companies that sell birthstone jewelry. Many women have Pandora bracelets and a child's birthstone or a bead commemorating a special event in her life. Any basic jewelry is always good, nothing to specific in color unless you know that its something they're looking for. Check out the Amazon store I've got posted. I'll keep updating it with great buys as I see them pop up.

Since the winter months are upon us what woman wouldn't love a beautiful new scarf? Scarves had made such a huge fashion impact in the past few years. There are so many styles. You can find them online, in store or even a handmade specialty scarf on Etsy (just make sure you contact the crafter early if you want a custom item).

SOME ladies would also look forward to receiving a gift basket of her favorite things. You can either head to her favorite store(s) or order one online....but a well thought out, hand picked basket of her favorites will probably be ore appreciated.

Of you can always get her a special gift subscription to a service like Julep - that will ship her fantastic beauty products each month (for a fraction of the regular price). Check them out, I LOVE my Julep products!

The Fitness Maven

There are so many places to look and things to buy. The problem with your fitness lover (male OR female) is that they are usually very specific in what they like and what they can have depending on what their fitness goals are.

The safest bet: Clothing

Scroll down for a chance to win!
I absolutely LOVE my Taffy Activewear Jacket! I have worn this to the gym, the beach, work, outings, errands and everywhere else. You can easily dress it up or dress it down. It has two zipper pockets too....which always come in handy. (If you like this jacket....make sure you keep reading.....I have a special surprise at the end!) You can also get some of the fun, specialty tees and tanks that are made just for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. There are also some fun, portable fitness minded products that your fitness junkie might not have yet. Check out this fun little stability cushion! These are GREAT if you're stuck in an office all day or want to work on your core while driving. You can use them anywhere. You could also sign them up with a fun gift subscription for a service like Bulu Box! You always get a box full of fun healthy samples and sometimes you find something you just can't live without.....then you can order it from their online store.

The Gents

This one is always so hard for me. The guys in my life always tend to buy what they want/need so it leave me just buying random "guy" stuff and clothing. Yippee. Guys can also be kind of lacking when it comes to list making.

Luckily I have a huge San Francisco Giants fan to buy for and since they won the World Series there's a plethora of things I can buy that I know he doesn't have yet. (this includes the little dude so who knows maybe I can make them wear matching big dude/little dude SF Giants garb).

Some other great gift ideas could include a gift subscription to (and I know this sounds odd) bacon. Really. Bacon. I don't know a guy that doesn't like bacon. They actually have subscription services for that! There's also a ton a bacon related items EVERYWHERE online, I'm not sure what's up with that but I'm ok with it.

The Grandparents

I'm going to keep this one simple. I get in some serious trouble if I don't include something kiddo-centric when giving a gift to the g'parents. So what you need to do is hop on over to Shutterfly and order some of their amazing custom creations. I've used their services for years and I have yet to be disappointed. You can get just about anything made and you know anything with your precious little munchkins sweet little faces looking back will melt those grandparents hearts! Oh and Shutterfly is HEAVY with sales all the time but they go nuts around this time of year. There's some kind of deal all the time!

The Kiddos

This is where I get a little challenged. I'm not sure what little girls like since I've been emerged in the land of boys for years and even the little man's closest friends are kind of tomboy-ish.

For the little girls in your life, I know they're expensive, but they seem to go crazy over those Aerican Girl dolls. I know I probably would have wanted one as well, even though I was a total tomboy. There are tons of accessories for them that any little Ameican Girl addict would love to add to her collection. There are also a lot of those cute outfits for the child and doll that match. You can often find those online, try eBay or even Kmart, if you're looking for something in store.

Boys and girls love Legos. You can never go wrong with Legos. Even if they have the set you are giving them they can always build them into something new! Around my house video games are always a hit (as long as they're not "lame") The highly coveted game of this year is totally Super Smash Bros, from the Nintendo folk. And what would Christmas be if the Lego franchise didn't come out with a new/fun adventure from the world of DC? Keep your eyes out for Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. It's going to be THE video game this holiday season for all game platforms. Skylanders Trap Team is also a big Wishlist item this year. The great thing about the Skylanders franchise is that they keep adding, but you can still use your existing characters (so you can have a full on army without spending  a fortune on new characters).

I'm still not 100% sure why, but Minecraft is always a hit. I feel so old that I don't totally understand this phenomenon. It gets my kid in creative mode so it cant be all bad.

If Santa doesn't send your child an Elf Pet to care for you should check them out! You can pick them up and many stores or order one online (word on the virtual street is that they're running low on stock in actual brick and mortar you might want to save yourself the hassle and just order one!). I don't know the entire story but I do know that because the Christmas spirit level is running low these Elf Pets are going to help stir up that holiday magic so Santa can make his big trip on Christmas Eve! It sounds like they'll be a great addition to the Elf on a Shelf that so many households have become a part of.

The Geeks

Oh now this is my area. These are my people. I'm just going to say two things. Loot Crate and Thinkgeek. You will be able to find anything and everything to make your geek squeal with delight on Christmas morning! Loot Crate is a monthly delivery service that ships an epic box of awesome to your door every month. Thinkgeek is just amazing. You can also find a lot of geektastic stuff on amazon and I'll work on setting up a store selection for that too!

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