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Friday, November 21, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Cooties Outbreak (in my house)

One of the things I dread the most is the never ending stream of cooties that seems to invade when you've got a school aged child. It seems like the little dude just got over the last batch of cooties he had.

Despite his freaky little OCD tendencies with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer he still managed to pick up something in the classroom. He's been out of school all week (so far, and its Thursday) and I am lucky enough to have my mom close enough that she can come in and watch him. Well.....she also has some auto immune issues and a very weakened immune system. You can probably guess  that it only took 3 days of snotty little boy cuddles to get her sick. He was doped up on Mucinex all day and she was just icky and gross.

On the bright side: I get a three day weekend.

On the not so bright side: My mom is sick, my kiddo is STILL sick and we might just miss the schools annual Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night.

Ok, back to the bright side.....I have some Glutino gluten free stuffing that I can make tomorrow on the off chance we do get to attend the feast. Yay stuffing!

I'm supposed to be cleaning up the war zone that is my front room. It looks like a battlefield where the ammo is snotty tissues. After a full day at work fixing dinner and getting the Master of Mucous to sleep I'm a little behind on my motherly/housekeeper duties.

I'm also planning my cyber attack for black Friday. I have no intention of stepping foot in ANY shopping establishment next Friday!

I'll be posting a few deals and some fun stuff that happened around here this week (but be include a boy who looks slightly out of it due to his Mucinex every four hours!). Hopefully I'll be able to get this place under control and get some posts done tomorrow! (I guess I actually mean today....I started this before midnight but I've had ALOT of coffee today and now it's officially FRIDAY!)

Happy Friday!

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