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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Fitness Games! App review! #SweatPink

FTC Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to try this app for free in return for my honest review.

Everywhere you look there is a new app or a new program, drive down the street and there's a new gym opening. All of these things can get so overwhelming. I know I get overwhelmed.
When I was given the opportunity to try this app I was pretty excited! I needed something to get me back into my workout routine and spice things up. 

It took a little while to get me started just because (and I openly admit this)...I'm a little tech challenged at times. I don't like reading instructions and it often works to my disadvantage.
Plus I've been having major arguments with my phone and it's lack of storage lately!

Once I got all of my access taken care of and got rolling I really liked this app! One thing about working out at home at 4am is that I often wish I had a buddy to workout with. With The Fitness Games app, I DO have a workout buddy! Anytime, day or can workout with a buddy! You get to choose. You can just challenge yourself, challenge a friend or challenge someone randomly from anywhere around the world.

You also accrue points when you meet certain goals/accomplishments. I'm still at rookie status, mainly because I've had a rough few weeks with a sick kid, and a cold myself. Now that I'm getting back into my normal routine I'm looking forward to making TFG a regular part of my workout routine.

If you're a competitive person this is definitely a great app for you! I always do better when my reputation is on the line! If I'm up at 4am there isn't anyone who is going to beat my time!
One of the biggest problems I face is that I get tired of the same old workouts. I run out of ideas and just get bored with my normal "gig". With TFG all you have to do is choose what area you want to work on (Strength Cardio, Full Body or Cross Training) then you get a whole list of workouts to choose from and it tells you what level they're intended for (beginner, intermediate, etc) or you have the option of creating your own workout.
Think you might want to give it a try? Head on over and download your own TFG and get can workout with me tomorrow at 4am (PST)! You can find out more on the TFG website or check out the TFG iOS Apple Site. Don't forget to tell your friends and have EVERYONE join you for some fun new challenges. Have a cousin or old college roommate that SWEARS they can outrun you? Tweet them NOW and have them prove it!
Tweet: Challenge your fitness with #TheFitnessGames! Check out @TFGapp and let the games begin! @fitapproach #sweatpink

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