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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Are you ready for Star Wars Reads day?

You're probably very aware of the fact that I like to read. A lot. I read at night, in the morning, on breaks at work. I've always loved to read. I was a sick kid and reading let me escape the safety of my bedroom and take me to any place on Earth (or beyond) in any time period and let my imagination go wild.

I was worried that in this technologically advanced world a lot of kids would grow up without the love of reading that I've always had. My son's school has a suggestion (not required, but HIGHLY suggested) that children read at least 20 minutes a night but preferably 10 minutes per grade. So my son normally reads about 40 minutes a night. Sometimes it's  a struggle just because he has a hard time finding books he likes. One standard that I can ALWAYS get him to read is anything Lego and anything Star Wars.

I'm not even sure but I somehow stumbled onto the Star Wars Reads day information today and I was pretty dang excited! I know a certain 9 year old boy who was REALLY excited when I told him

The event takes place all over on Saturday October 11th. You can check with your school, bookstores and I know that our local Barnes and Noble will be participating (and so will we). From what I understand they'll be reading something from the new "Rebels" storyline  (WHICH MY SON IS COMPLETELY STOKED ABOUT). If you're little Star Wars nut can't wait that long there is a fun activity pack you can download and print out at home. It's full of fun projects and so much more. This should keep them busy and build anticipation for the big day. You can get it in black/white or full color.

If you attend the event in this area please say hi! I love meeting other bloggers/parents/fellow nerds.  If you're not in my area but you are attending an event elsewhere don't forget to hashtag it #StarWarsReads on your social media!

Now, I know there may be some folks that might say, "REALLY, Star Wars for reading!?" in my honest opinion if it gets a kid reading.....GO FOR IT!!!!! It can be a box of cereal, Lego Magazines or Star Wars books. I really don't care, as long as it gets that brain working!

What are your thoughts on kids reading habits in the age of social media and technology EVERYWHERE?

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