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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What is a mystery shopper?

If you've been following along for a while you know that I've been a mystery shopper for years. I'm not doing the amount of shops now as I used to basically because I just can't eat out that often anymore! I've reduced my shopping to mainly coffee shops, stores and a few of my favorite restaurants. I also do a few others here and there.

Once in a while people ask me about mystery shopping and it never fails that these people all seem to ask at the same time. I did a blog post a couple of years ago on what exactly goes into the glamorous world of mystery shopping.

It's actually a really fun way to make a little mad money and try a few new businesses that you may not try otherwise.

If you do decide to give mystery shopping a try there are a few things you need to remember:
  • You HAVE to have keen observational skills
  • This isn't just an easy paycheck, you have to give detailed reports
  • You need to be well spoken and concise in your reporting
  • You need to give the FACTS unless asked for your opinion 
It can be a really fun side job. I mean, I know I'll never be a secret agent, so this is about as close as I will ever get!

If you read through this and the previous post and you have questions please let me know! I'm always happy to help!

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