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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Still playing catch up....

I'm working through the well over 1300 emails, new twitter messages, Facebook messages and so on that I fell behind on when I was a mucus factory. If you're waiting for something just know if it hasn't been taken care of tonight it will be by the end of the week.

I'm finally getting my energy back after this cold from hell. I realized (because of my Time Hop app) that I'm sick a lot around my birthday. What the heck is up with that???  It's like the cootie fairy wants me to remember that I'm getting a year older. Well, cootie fairy, you just pack up and get out because this girl likes to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG!

I've got a few new things to pop up in the banners this week as well as some cool new opportunities I'll be sharing with you all.

In case you didn't notice.....right over there --------- >>> to the right of my posts is the new and improved #sweatpink ambassador badge. If you haven't joined sweat pink check it out. You can get to it by clicking on my badge.

I've got a fun tour coming up at Whole Foods on Monday. Do you have any questions you've always wanted to know about Whole Foods? If so message me or post below (or tweet or IG direct message me) and you know I'll ask them for ya!

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