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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Sunday! What's happening and what's coming up....

I am FINALLY back up to par and able to stay awake past 9pm (which is primarily when I do ALL of my blogging!).

This cold has knocked me out so hard and I'm so glad I'm over it. I still have a lingering cough but I can deal with that.

So this past week has been pretty fun! If you follow me on social media you're painfully aware of the fact that it's my birthday month. Sorry, but even at the age of 38 I celebrate the entire month like I'm 5!

The week started out by me getting  new computer at work, super exciting..right? It's increased my speed a lot which is nice since we're doing software conversions from now until I'm 90. (or until the beginning of the year....but I'll feel like I'm 90).

On Thursday my lovely mother took the little dude shopping to get some gifts for me and then she took the both of us out to dinner at Red Robin, which is a treat because I can eat a burger like a normal person. They have pretty good gluten free buns and I do love me a good burger!

Then on Friday we had the celebration at work with some Chipotle and frozen yogurt. That morning the little dude surprised me with a gift card to Dutch Bros (the only coffee place I frequent). Then when we got home I found out I won $100 Amazon gift card from one of my blogger groups! Ka-ching! (it's ALL going toward starting my Christmas shopping). On a side note can you believe we're only 3 months away from Christmas??!?! Oh - I also got another DB gift card and one for Starbucks at work as well. Think they are aware of my coffee addiction?

We celebrated yesterday with a trip to the mall and the Safety Fair here in town where the Little Dude won an Orange Julius gift card. Score! We also went out to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner and some delicious gluten free pasta! I love that I have more options now of going to "regular" restaurants and ordering gluten free food. It makes it easier on the rest of my peeps who don't have to (or want to) eat gluten free.

Anyway, that all brings us to today. Sunday. We're chilling, running out to my moms for lunch and then picking up some Fro Yo at Yogurtland on the way home.

I'm hoping to host a giveaway or two on my blog coming up soon and I'll be tweeting live from the #MMStoreTour at Whole Foods tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter to find out what I'm learning and let me know if you have questions! I'd be happy to ask them anything for you guys! Also, checkout my Instagram feed for pics live from the event!

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  1. Happy Birthday month! (I do the same thing).

    All this talk about food has me hungry.


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