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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Circus Vargas - Magikaria!

I had NEVER taken the little dude to a circus. I know, that's kind of a sad thing. The problem is that with the Josh he gets really sad and while a lot of children would be oohing and ahhing at the wondrous things the animals can do I know that his sweet little brain would start wondering about where the animals do they get from place to they get paid? These are all things we've encountered while either going to the zoo or talking about going to the circus.
About a week ago I noticed that there was a circus tent in the Sunrise Mall parking lot. Hmmm, really? In our relatively little town? I went online and checked it out thinking maybe, just maybe since it was so close to us I could get him to go and not be too sad. Every child should get to go to the circus, right? So I hopped online and checked it out. Guess what?!? Circus Vargas Magikaria is ANIMAL FREE! It's all illusionists, acrobats, daredevils and so on. So I managed to get a couple of press passes so Josh and I could go check it out.
When I told him we were going, he was excited but when I told him there were no animals he was really excited. Saturday came and I told him that was the day we were going and he knew where it was because he had seen the tent.
We decided to head over early so we could check out the free preshow that they provide for the kids. Josh was able to go into the circus ring and hula hoop, learn to juggle and balance a peacock feather on his hand/nose (which he is actually already pretty good at due to the abundance of peacock feathers at his school!). This was a fantastic start to the show!
Of course he was also able to get a snow cone in a flashing Circus Vargas cup, some popcorn, some pink lemonade and a couple of really cool pictures. (Which you can see on my Instagram account)

One of the most noticeable things about the circus was the fact that there was never a dull moment. When they were preparing for something in the ring there was some other form of entertainment going on.
The performers were all top notch and put on a fantastic show. The look of amazement on Josh's face time and time again told me that he was quite impressed. I'm so glad we made it out.
It was a REALLY hot afternoon but they had fans in the tent and quite honestly the show was so impressive you really didn't notice how warm it was. After the intermission it felt like about 20 minutes and the show was over. After checking my watch, it had actually been an hour! The show runs about 2 hours with a brief intermission of 15 minutes. There are restrooms setup, drinks and food to purchase in the lobby. You can get your face painted and get pictures with the performers during the intermission AND after the show. They also come around and take pictures of you during the show. The pictures are available for $10 which is a pretty decent price (and this is coming from a big cheapskate). They also bring snow cones and drinks around for sale during the show.
I would really recommend taking the kiddos (or people of any age) our to see the show! They're done in Citrus Heights but they are heading out to Roseville next and will be setting up in the Galleria parking lot. They're still local so check them out! If you're not here in beautiful Northern California check out Circus Vargas Magikaria to see when they'll be near you!
One thing to note about Circus Vargas (that we learned at the show) is that they've been touring for 44 years and their families tour with them! That means spouses, children and some extended family. I really think that is pretty cool. I know quite a few of the performers have grown up in the circus and it's obvious that they've worked hard to perfect their skills to give us an amazing show!

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