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Sunday, September 07, 2014

California Raisins ~ The delicious and HEALTHY snack! (AND PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY!!!)

The following post is full of fun recipes, useful info and great snack ideas! I was lucky enough to attend an event hosted by the SITS girls/Massive Sway and California Raisins. This is a post, written by me and sponsored by the California Raisins.

A few of the little cuties that were making friends with the California Raisin!

It's back to school time everywhere you look. While it's nice to get back into the routine of things it can get overwhelming sometimes trying to balance everyday life, work, keeping up with mom chores and finding quick, healthy (and delicious) snacks for my very picky kiddo.

As parents I know we all want something healthy and easily portable for our kids to toss in their lunchboxes. Enter, the sweet deliciousness that is the California raisin! Did you know that raisins are packed with potassium AND fiber? One quarter cup of raisins is a whole serving of fruit!

I know I've always been a big fan of raisins but I really wasn't aware of just how and why they were so good and good for you until I attended the California raisins event last week.

Here's a few fun and interesting facts that I learned:

  • What makes California Raisins so sweet? Nothing but sweet California sun! There NO added sugar!
  • Have you read the ingredients list on a package of California Raisins? Here's the complete list: RAISINS.
  • How much fat and cholesterol are you getting when you eat California Raisins? None. Zero. Not a bit.
  • California Raisins are a healthy, wholesome, snack that is great to take on trips. They're a great portable snack for field trips, lunches, snacks, in a purse, in a desk, they can really go anywhere.
  • California Raisins offer 9% of your daily fiber and potassium and 6% of your daily iron (per quarter cup)
  • (This is my favorite!) California Raisins are the most economical dried fruit! A healthy snack that's also a heck of a bargain, yes please!
  • Research suggests that children who eat raisins as an after school snack may prevent excessive calorie intake and may increase satiety (or feeling full) when compared to other common snacks, including cookies and chips!
The trail mix bar was a hit!!!
California Raisins are such a versatile fruit! You can put them in so many different dishes to "health them up" a bit or you can eat them on their on as a little snack. One of my favorite recipes that I found on the California Raisin website is the Pumpkin Spice Raisin Muffins. These are going to be a constant in my house! Not only does the recipe meet my gluten free needs (you can actually search gluten free recipes on the website!) but my little dude will eat them as well.....because he didn't know they were gluten free! Yep, they're that good. He's a big fan of the California Raisin so once he saw those in the muffins he didn't care about anything else!

Speaking of gluten free, that's another HUGE part of my love for California Raisins. They're naturally gluten free! I love that I can include raisins in any of my recipes and they instantly make the dish more delicious!
Don't forget to check out the California Raisins on Facebook too for events, info and just some awesome stuff!
PICTURE FAIL for yours truly. Yep, that's me with my eyes closed. Oy. The rest of the blogging beauties look fantastic though!
 Please note: All event photos were taken by Amanda Rose Photography! Check her out!

Enter below between now and next Saturday and you'll have the chance to win this super fun California Raisins Prize pack! (the lunchbox is AMAZING!!!) Come back daily for more chances!

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Please Note: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the California Raisins!
And don't forget to go print out some fun California Raisins coloring sheets!

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  1. I like to put them in my own homemade trail mix.

    1. Tonia, that's one of my favorite ways to enjoy them too!

  2. Those muffins sound AMAZING. I love pumpkin and I love raisins, so why not combine the 2? Personally, I love putting raisins in salads or mix them into a breakfast parfait :)

    1. Brittany I love them in salads too! I rarely use dressing and they give a salad that little boost... And a whole lot of flavor :)

  3. Raisins are such a nice and healthy snack! I used to bring a couple of those little boxes in my lunch when I was in school! I still eat some once in a while!

    Great post! #ibabloggers :)

    1. Thanks Nataly! I still take those little boxes! My son prefers the "big" boxes so I get the little ones for myself ;)

  4. G'day! I love raisins in banana bread and custard tarts!
    Great giveaway!
    Cheers! Joanne

    1. I've never tried them in either of those! They sound great!

  5. Well, I always love them in chocolate, but yogurt is yummy too!!

    1. They're good either way, but honestly everything is better with chocolate! (In my opinion) :)

  6. Replies
    1. Honestly, most of the time I just grab a handful of 'em plain too. Simple. Sweet. Delicious!

  7. I love raisin bread and oatmeal raisin cookies.


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