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Monday, August 11, 2014

TMI post happening in 3.....2.....1...... (and why natural remedies ROCK)

I have had massively strange and inexplicable allergies since I first broke out of the womb.

I can go years and be fine and show no outward symptoms whatsoever.

This year is NOT one of those years. I've had a massively gross rash for MONTHS. It started back in the spring with a small patch on my right leg. Then it became a large rash on my right leg and small patch on my right arm. Then it grew into larges patches on my right leg/arm AND left leg/arm. I've gone all summer without wearing shorts so I didn't gross everyone out. The large patches on my legs are the entire length of my shin. From knee to ankle. Not sexy at all. I've avoided the pool, I've avoided working out in public unless I'm wearing long workout pants (Thanks to my amazing Taffy pants that made me look GOOD and covered up my freaky deaky rash).

I've tried medicated creams, antihistamines, various creams, antibiotic creams and so on. I've avoided going to the doctor because I know the routine. I've been dealing with this for years. I can't afford to pay the copays just to have the dr tell me to do what I've already tried. I can't afford the various prescriptions they'll have me try just to have them not work.

The weekend of The Color Run it was just too freaking hot. I couldn't wear the long pants so I tossed on a pair of capris that would cover part of the rashy ickiness. I managed to make it through the 5k and had a great day.

I noticed after the race that my rash actually looked better.  I showered off my rainbow goodness and realized that the rash had gotten better. I'm over a week out now and it's all way better. What made this happen? Corn starch! Thanks to TCR and the colored corn starch that I was bathed in my 4 month long rash is finally on the mend!!!! (and I also have been buying corn starch in bulk this week). I told my mom about my odd discovery and she said that "back in the day" that's what they used to do because it pulls out the moisture. It just goes to show that modern medicine ain't all it's cracked up to be. I try to live by the "WWGMD" school of thought. That translates to "What would Granny Mo Do?". Granny Mo was my Great Grandmother who was born in 1903. She was half native American and relied on natural herbs and remedies to cure what ailed her and those who came to her seeking help/advice. This thought process, for me, started when I was unable to produce enough breast milk to feed my kiddo. That's a story for a different time but I'll gladly share the info regarding the cheap remedy that I used that made me able to fill a freezer with milk bags in a short time (and it's widely available). Message me if you want the info. It worked wonders!

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