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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The 9 year old me...

I've been completely off my blogging schedule lately. Everything just kind of hit me (stress, pms, back to school time,  pms, finances,  lack of chocolate,  did I mention pms?). I figured it was easier to bury myself in my Kindle fire for a few days instead of use my blog as a tear soaked soapbox.

I spent a few days dealing with reality by living vicariously through the characters in my books. It's always been my coping mechsnism. I'm fine now and getting posts ready for the days ahead. 

However,  when I did my little introvert stint it got me thinking.  I was thinking about the 9 year old me that was always buried in a book. I was a complete textbook HSC. I would rather spend my recess re shelving books in the library than play outside.  Granted,  some of this was due to my various and vast childhood medical maladies. The library was my safe place.

I look at my son,  who is 9. He has the world at his fingertips.  If he has a question, we look it up.  Instant answers. It's amazing how far technology has come in a relatively short time. 

So, I thought again about that sickly, introverted,  library dwelling 9 year old version of me.  If I could have one piece of today's technology when I was 9, what would it be?  I thought about it for a while.  I sat down to read before bed and it hit me.  I would want my Kindle Fire.  I thought about it vs. other tech items and it was the clear winner for me.  If we would've had this technology then I would've saved myself alot hand/neck cramps from trying to hold a flashlight while pulling the covers over my head well after my assigned bedtime. 

I realize that my son doesn't read as much as I did at his age but I also realize he is a healthy,  thriving young man and I'm grateful for that. He can do things that I wasn't physically able to do back then. 

I wonder what technology will be available in another 28 years?  It's crazy to imagine. Imagine what 9 year olds in the future will looking answers up on?

So I ask you guys,  what ONE piece of today's tech do you wish was available when you were a kid? 

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