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Monday, August 25, 2014

Rocking and rolling on a crazy Monday!

I was all ready to get posts ready yesterday and have this week covered.  Then we woke up to an earthquake.  It was a little closer than we'd like and the little dude was kind of freaked out.

So, we just hung out all day yesterday and my awesomely planned schedule went out the window. 

However,  I'll be playing catch up tonight with the help of my bestie,  the keurig.

I have some SUPER exciting stuff coming up this week! 

Kidfresh NUTRITIOUS frozen meals
Wild Veggie frozen vegetable puree


This month's box was filled with since awesome goodies!

I get this for the little dude and it doesn't disappoint!

Something special........I get to do something super cool for Massive Sway this week too! Follow me on Twitter so you can be a part of the action!

I'm posting pics of all of these items on ig/twitter so hop on over and follow me so you see what's happening in my world in real time!

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