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Thursday, August 07, 2014

My Friday Favorite! LARABAR!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a HUGE fan of larabar. They were one of the first good things I found when I had to go gluten free.
The first time I got one, it was actually sent to me by someone and I held onto it for quite a while. I was kind of scare of it. It seemed weird. Dates? Really? I'm supposed to eat that and like it?
I eventually sucked it up and decided to try it. I remember when I opened the package I was shocked at how soft it was. It wasn't hard, didn't have a weird texture and only had ingredients I could actually pronounce.
Now we flash forward a while and at this point I'm a complete Larabar junkie. They are my go to. I have tried any and every flavor I could find. you can always find at least one in my car, lunchbox and purse. You can often find a variety of flavors in each location as well! A girl needs options, right?

So you can imagine that I was ecstatic when I found out I got to be one of the lucky bloggers that got to try a few different Larabars. I was able to pick out which flavors I wanted. So, of course I chose the ones that I hadn't been able to find here locally.

I got: carrot cake, peanut butter jelly, cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie dough.

I was so excited to try these flavors and I like them for the most part. The carrot cake was AMAZING with a great flavor! The PB&J of course went over well with me. It's peanut butter. I love my nut butters! They used cherry to be the jelly portion and it was amazing! This flavor always looked like it would be gross. All I could imagine was that gross "Goober" stuff at the grocery store that has peanut utter and jelly in it. Well, I was happily wrong! Cappuccino wasn't my favorite. It had a nice flavor but it's not on my short list. Finally, the choc chip cookie dough was AWESOME! I have yet to meet a Larabar that I despise.

Now, as I said before Larabar is made of all natural ingredients. Some of them have as little as 4 ingredients. They're all gluten free, many are also kosher, vegan, dairy free, soy free and they're all delicious.

Larabars are available in stores just about everywhere. I like to buy them by the box (at Target) because they have Box Tops for Education, which we collect for the little dude's school....AND we recycle the wrappers via the Terracycle program. For us Larabar is a no brainer. It helps me get a healthy gluten free snack AND helps my sons school. How can it get any better?

If you haven't ever tried Larabar I highly suggest them. They also have some new granola that is out now (and I'm trying to locate it)! You can pretty much bet that if Larabar comes out with something new I'll try it and probably love it. I kind of think of them as my very first GFF (gluten free friend). They were there for me when I was lost!

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  1. Girl, I LOVE Larabars! They are so delicious and actually good for you. My favorite right now is coconut cream pie :) I'm so jealous that you got to try some of the new flavors...they sounds AMAZING!! Can't wait to try them out myself :)


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