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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How do you label your kiddos school supplies?

**Please note ~ I'm a proud affiliate of Mabel's Labels and I will get credit and make a few pennies if you purchase using the links provided**
With back to school in full force I bet a lot of folks are looking for ways to label their kids goodies/supplies/backpacks/lunchboxes, right?
I was sitting here sticking our Mable's Labels on the Little Dude's school supplies and thought I'd share some of their hot back to school deals with you all!
I've posted about the quality of Mabel's Labels before but I just REALLY put them through their paces. I had one on the little Dude's lunchbox that I got him during the summer. He's been using it for summer camp and it needs to be washed. I tossed it in the washer and guess what came out looking great....yep you guessed it. The label I had on it. The lunchbox did as well.
I know when I originally started looking for labels I thought that most places were overpriced and wasn't sure of the quality. I'll never need to look elsewhere now. These labels are such a great quality! You can get them customized to meet your specific needs and they come in so many different styles and varieties.
They last and I haven't had one come off yet. Some have been getting abused by the little dude for 6 months now. If they can suffer the wrath of a 9 year old boy they can withstand just about anything.
So check them out and order some for your Little People!

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