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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get "Waking Up" and "Eyes Wide Open" on SALE now!!! (By Renee Dyer)


Waking Up & Eyes Wide Open by Renee Dyer

Buy Links for Waking Up just 99 cents
I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to get an ARC of Eyes Wide Open by Renee Dyer. I hadn't read Waking Up yet and wanted to check it out first. I didn't get the chance to start it until Monday morning. Even with working two 12 hour days I finished the first book by breaktime on Tuesday and I'm nearly done with the second.
Without leaking any spoilers I'm sure glad I had book 2 ready to go because I was PISSED at the end of book 1!!!! I desperately needed to find out what happened! I am absolutely loving this series and since I'm nearing the end of book 2 I know I'm going to be anxiously awaiting what's next from Renee Dyer! She's definitely one to watch! Check these books out now. You will fall in love with Tucker and Adri as well as all of the other amazing characters. They all bring something to the table and I hope we get to learn more about them all!

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