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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Unexpected Guest......

I was hoping to get a lot done last night to get caught up but it didn't happen. We watched the Emmy Awards and once the Robin Williams Tribute was shown my little dude was devastated. I was going to put things off until tonight but right when I got home I got a text asking if I could handle a little house guest tonight.

My son's bestie has an amazing hard working mom and because she is so good at what she does she was asked to go help clean up/setup/fix up the Napa location of the business she works for. The store suffered ALOT of damage during Sunday's earthquake and the one day she was supposed to be there has turned into three.

However, we adore this family and the little dude's bestie is ALWAYS welcome here!

I was a lazy bum this weekend and tried to spend some good quality time with little dude so I didn't get a lot done around the house. Do you know how much I can get done when I know we're having a guest in a few hours? I sure didn't. All of the laundry is just about done, air mattresses setup in the bedroom, bed moved so there is room for a double decker twin sized air mattress, all bedding washed, both beds (real bed and air mattress) made, breakfast planned and now I sit here trying to get a quick post in.

I'm actually taking part of the day tomorrow to finish up some legal issues, which I might go into at a later date. Once that is done I'm hitting the gluten free bakery, drowning my sorrows in cupcakes and coming home to blog my little brains out!

For right now.....I'm hoping that the two young men I hear in the bedroom crash soon. I ain't too proud to bribe. I told them if they go to sleep now I'll buy them Dutch Bros in the morning. Thank goodness their both DB junkies and I don't hear much in the giggle department right now.

Basically, even though we only have Josh's bestie here for the night and I'll be dropping them off at school in the morning, it sure is nice having them both here. I'm thankful that he has such a great buddy and happy that we can help out when necessary.

So I will post more tomorrow! I'm doing posts on the Bulu Box and Vox Boxes tomorrow (pics on my phone and right now my phone is D E A D).

And you can bet you'll be seeing a pic of two of the goodies I'm treating myself to at the GF bakery!

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