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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My Latest Bulu Box!

I'm a little behind in posting this but it's been #1 on my to do list for days!

If you still don't know what Bulu Box is, I'm sorry. I obviously haven't been singing it's praises enough as of late! Check out my previous post that tells you all about Bulu Box and how you can sign up to get your own! (You'll want to!)

To sum it up Bulu Box is a great way for you try new items that you might be considering or you may have never even heard of! The part about this is I'm one of those people that's always wanting to try new things. I  LOVE trying new products. However, my system is super sensitive and new products don't always work well with my body. I would hate to invest $40 in a pill that will help push my workouts to the next level only to leave me jittery and shaking like a Chihuahua in an ice bath. So, enter Bulu Box, MY HERO!

Here's a picture of my most recent box of awesome.....

I've been trying to sample my way through this box but haven't tried just everything yet. I will tell you one thing though....those kick butt energy balls are pretty awesome! I have one left that I'll probably give a go this weekend. They're good and give you energy but don't give you ANY jitters at all. You can have quite a few in a day so I really think they would be worth the purchase of a full size container (which I'm thinking about.....).
Now, the protein pudding....I'd been wanting to try that for quite some time. It's a great idea but after tasting it I'm really glad I didn't spend the money on it. Especially since I would have to order online and pay shipping and everything....the flavor just didn't do it for me. It's a great concept though and maybe some of the other flavors would be better suited for a  pudding. In my personal opinion, I won't be purchasing any of that in the foreseeable future.
I also tried the Penaflex supplement AND the weightloss gummies. The Penaflex made me a little jittery and I didn't like the way it made me feel If your system isn't as sensitive as mine they would be worth a go. No other side effects than that. So I really can't say much about them. The weightloss gummies had great flavor, nice texture and no weird side effects. I'm considering trying them if I can get a little info on them. I need to verify that they are gluten free. It doesn't say gluten/wheat anywhere in their ingredients but you can never be too sure.
The PureAbsorb packets are an Iron supplement. I'm going to try one of the today and probably save the other one for when I give blood! :) I can mix it with my juice after my donation to get me headed toward a faster recovery.
The last thing is the Rescue Remedy. Now when I got this I was like "Oh I won't need that I don't have any anxiety issues anymore." Well after the week I've had I WILL be using them today tomorrow....probably for a few days. I'm a big fan of  Rescue Remedy for my kiddo. He's an HSC and it made life possible when he was having some hard times in school before. If you have ANY anxiety issues I highly recommend this product!
I wish I had a moment to link up all of the products with the Bulu site but I really need to get this posted. I will try to link them up this afternoon when I get back home. Please note that you can go right to the Bulu Box site and search the product name in the store and pull it right up. There you can find info/reviews on that product ( I have yet to leave my reviews on the're the first ones to see! ). Remember: I receive the Bulu Box WEIGHTLOSS subscription....but there is also the regular health and wellness box which is also amazing and will have products that are slightly different than mine.
Please remember: with code BULUGAN144 you can get half off of your subscription! So basically if you want the most bang for your Bulu Box Buck you could order the 12 month subscription and only pay for 6 months! It feels like you're stealing a little, huh? It's friends at Bulu Box WANT you to try these boxes and sample these fantastic products!
Still not sure you want to take the plunge? Have more questions? Please let me know! I'm here to answer all your questions!! Either leave a comment, email me or hit me up on social media!

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