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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Friday Favorite ~ LIFE= ~ Vitamins that give!

 One of the things I have a HUGE problem with is finding vitamins that meet all of my needs and still avoid all of the products/ingredients that I can't have. This has proven VERY hard since my fish allergy reared it's super ugly, swollen and puffed up head. Not only do I have to avoid anything with wheat (which is a sneaky little ingredient in MANY vitamins either as a filler or sometimes even in the coating itself) but now I have to avoid fish, which is where all of those "healthy" omegas normally come from. I had pretty much given up on finding anything that would work for me.
One of the perks of being an ambassador for Bulu Box is that I get to try new products sometimes. The LIFE = company sent me a sample of their Calcium/Magnesium/D3 combo.
When my package arrived I was anxious, but apprehensive. I hadn't looked up anything on the product so I didn't know what to expect. I pulled out the bottle and all of the literature. I looked at the ingredient info and then I saw THIS: (take a look at the list of what this pill DOES NOT contain!!!)
I really don't even know how to tell if a vitamin is working, other than how I feel after I take it. In the past I've been so sensitive to vitamins and more often than not they really upset my stomach. I am always a little scared to try new vitamins but as long as a product meets all of my dietary needs/restrictions I'm willing to try it so I can let others know how it works.
I do it all for my readers!  
After a few days of looking at the bottle of vitamins sitting on my dining room table I went ahead and took the recommended dose. I didn't have any adverse issues. I felt more energetic and felt great all day. There was no tummy upset at all and I was a pretty happy girl!
Now that you know a little about how gentle the vitamins are and that LIFE= has great products... do you want to know a little something special about the company? Something that sets them apart from the other companies out there? Do you? Ok.....well check this out: For every bottle of LIFE= vitamins you buy they GIVE an equal amount of children's multivitamins to malnourished children around the world! Seriously! How cool is that?!?
Did you also know that doctors recommend Life Equals products to their patients because of the premium quality and effectiveness? Well, they do. Speaking of premium quality....they use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the most bioavailable forms to increase absorption and utilization to the body.
Life Equals makes vitamins simple and convenient by offering a monthly subscription with FREE shipping, automatic delivery and a GREAT discount. Just visit
Now, in this day and age this one might be a shocker......THEY ARE 100% MADE IN THE USA! That's right! They're made at industry leading facilities that exceed FDA standards. By formulating, then controlling EVERY aspect of their product creation, they are able to ensure quality, effectiveness, and cut out the middle man, which means great savings for you!!!
Please note that the products I sampled were given to my by Life Equals, in conjunction with my status as a Bulu Box Ambassador. The opinion is all mine and I will NEVER tell you great things about a product if I don't actually think it's great!  If you have questions about this product you can comment, message me, hit me up on social media or check out their site. If you would like to purchase your own Bulu Box subscription sign up now and save 50% off by using my super secrect squirrel code: BULUGAN144


  1. Hi! I found your blog through IBA and I'm following you on bloglovin'! Hope you'll check out my blog too :) Thanks!

  2. Youre a bukubox ambassador? Do yo live in the states?

    1. I am a Bulu Box ambassador and I do live in the states :) where are you Linda? Are you interested in Bulu Box?


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