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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's only/already Tuesday?!?

So the above pretty much sums up my day/week thus far.
Flash way way yesterday. I go out and start the ol' Trailblazer to get the kid to school only to find that the clock in the car was reset to midnight. Awwww, %&(#. Seriously? I thought to myself "Maybe it's just a ltitle hiccup." I reset that clock and went on my way. I got the little dude dropped off and got back in the car.....clock was back as 12:00. Awwww  man you've got to be  #^$*&#$ kidding me!!!!!

I limped it to work, frantically called my mom, and ended up taking the car into Les Schwab to get a new battery. I found out that the one in the car was the original. The car is a 2006. Yeah. That's right.  2006. Wow. I was impressed and shocked all at the same time!

I was really relieved that this happened on Monday because Tuesday (today) I was supposed to help take the kids to the Jelly Belly factory. I'm so thankful that it didn't happen on the field trip!!!

So, $145 and change and about 45 minutes later I was back at work. That was a heck of a way to start the week but things can only look up from here.

So, today, was the day that I needed to help get the kiddos to the Jelly Belly factory. It's about an hour drive from the school and had been suddenly postponed earlier in the summer (which peeved this mama bear and sparked the HSC issues I talked about a few posts back).

We made it down there without any issues but then soon found out that about 10 bajillion other people were there for the tour as well. So one of our lovely peeps waited in line for an hour to ensure that we had out spot for the tour. The kids all sat and ate their lunches while we waited and got a few little souvenirs. By the time they were done with lunch it was our turn.

The tour was fun and educational, but our tour guide needs to perfect her presentation. She was yelling the whole time and I couldn't understand a dang word she was saying! Oh well, the tour still let us see a lot of cool stuff. I kind of felt sorry for the workers. Here we were walking around and watching them work. I can't even type when someone is in my cubicle and here they are doing physical work! Props to you Jelly Belly workers!

As most tours at places like this throws you right into the store. We bought so many jelly belly things, I can't even remember it all.....soda, star wars jelly beans, pencils, pens, golf balls and a ton of different flavors of jelly beans. I was going to show a picture here but I'm having technical issues. Check our my instagram for pics. :)

I had better get busy around here. I had a major headache when we got home and I'm so behind on my motherly duties. I'm such a slacker tonight!

Hope you all have had a fantastic Tuesday!!!

Later this week I'll tell you about some fun new gluten free goodies I tried this weekend!!! (and some organic booze....that means it's healthy, right?)


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  1. You're lucky you made it out the door at all! Thank you for sharing. Hello from Turn It Up Tuesday.


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