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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #WIAW 6/4/2014

Hello there and happy Wednesday!
Is it just me or has this week (thus far) been amazingly long? The weekend just went by too fast and I was ready for Friday by 10am on Monday.
Today, as per the usual, I'm linking up with the amazing Peas & Crayons for another fun installment of What I Ate Wednesday!!!
Now, let me just tell ya......I've been a dang space case the past two weeks. I didn't take pictures this week. I almost just drew pictures which would basically look like whatever stick people would eat. I seriously can't believe I didn't snap one single picture.
So I'll borrow a few from the interwebs (but I bet their pictures will be way nicer than what I could've taken!). I actually went back to low carbs last week. I did this once before and had some decent success. Then I kind of thought it wasn't right for me, and I had people riding me like a donkey. So I gave up because I was kind of all alone and getting so much grief.
This time I have some great folks who are doing it along with me. That makes all the difference!
Basically this means that I'm not having any grains, which given my issues is pretty easy. I've found replacements for when I really want some bread, or a taco, or a pizza. This oopsie bread is an amazing thing!
Mine looked much like this, so it's not that far off!
I found that these are super good for a little pizza fix. I didn't have any sauce but I threw on some cheese and pepperoni and I was in business.
The most boring part of my eating habits is that I tend to make something when I prep and then eat it all week. It's just easier that way especially when tracking macros.
The best thing about this new low carb thing is that I can have all the meat, butter, cheese and pepperoni I want! I also have spinach, cauliflower, cream cheese, and so much more. It's really the most delicious way of eating. In one week (and yes, I know it's mostly water weight) I lost 9.8lbs.
Since I'm going to continue on with this I'm sure I'll be featuring what my favorite thing was each week and I might just be adding to the recipe page that I've had on "hold" for a while.
Do you know of any low carb recipes? I'm always looking for things that are quick and easy since I cook differently for myself than I do for my son. I hate doing it that way, but he doesn't have the allergies and issues that I have so I like to let him live a little. And, as I've mentioned in the past....when he has oreos I smell them. Weird, right? I just can't find anything gluten free that is even close to the original Oreo.
I'm making this much longer than I anticipate. I actually took part of today off so I'm not super rushed. I do have to get some things done this afternoon though so I best get to it. I'll take some pics and have some tasty recipes ready next week as well!
Please don't forget to share your favorite low carbs delights!

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