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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I ate Wednesday #WIAW 6/11/2014
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Granola!
 Hello! Welcome to another What I ate Wednesday!!! I love linking up with Peas and Crayons and checking out what everyone else has eaten! I usually get a little inspired and plan on trying some new recipes....though I usually just stick with the usual!

As I mentioned last week I've gone low carb. It's been a rough adjustment but I can do this. I'm in the midst of my 3rd week of very low carbs and guess what shows up at my door? A CASE of delicious Bob's Red Mill granola. I'm not kidding. It wouldn't be so rough if it were crappy granola but this stuff is LEGIT! It's all gluten free too. I got it so I can share with the parents at the school and do a product review.

It actually came arrived on the day of our awards ceremony at the school so I loaded up a basket, grabbed some coupons and granola and headed to the ceremony! I loved it, the kids loved it and parents loved it. The entire review will be up next week sometime.

Vega One protein powder samples
 The night of the awards ceremony we had a baked potato bar at the low carb. But DAMN those were some good taters so mama stuffed her face good! I did put a bunch of cheese, bacon and chili on it so it all balances out, right? (Just agree with me to make me feel better!)

I also received a package of Vega One protein shake samples. I am an affiliate for them so I wanted to try all of the flavors. I am going to order a tub of it but I had no idea what flavor to order. I've had quite the problem this week trying to figure out which one I DO like best. I've decided to get Vega One because it only got around 6g of net carbs (depending on the flavor) and it's gluten free, fish free and mixes easily. I'll have a full review of those up next week as well. (Once I decide which child I like best!)

Feeding the Addiction!
Since the little dude has a week off before he starts summer camp at the school I've been going to work early. I'm HORRIBLE about stopping at Dutch Bros in the mornings. I go almost everyday (thank goodness that tomorrow is payday!) and they had a special this week so I had to get a $1 raspberry iced tea as well since it was hotter than the depths of hell the first part of the week!

Today it wasn't hot.....but it was Wednesday. That's the only reason I needed. Plus I had a full stamp card which means FREEBIE!!! I'll take the little dude tomorrow when we go shopping after work so he can say "what up" to all of his Dutch Peeps. They all know him by name. We might go too often. Hahaha, who an I kidding?

So here we are tonight, Weds night. I didn't get this done and linked up in the morning like I normally do, due to the fact that I am going in at 6am all this week. So I thought I'd snap a shot of dinner to include. I was getting pretty tired of all of the low carb options I had around the house and since payday isn't until tomorrow we couldn't just decided to go out (the bank account has tumble weeds rolling through it the day before payday) so we had a snacky night for the little dude and very low carb taco salad for the mama. I used spinach as the greens, some rotisserie chicken with some gluten free taco seasoning and threw soe cheese on top with a whole bunch of Cholula. It was AMAZING. This is definitely going to be in the regular low carb weekly menu.

After that I whipped up a little dessert, whipping cream, cream cheese and a tad of sugar free Torani syrup and mixed it all up into a pudding consistency. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Ok, with that I had better get busy. I need to get all of my mommy chores done and get this stinky vacation kid in the tub. He seems to think that since he's staying at home with grandma during the day that showers aren't a Dude......SHOWER!

Hope you all had a fantastic week and I can't wait to see what you all had to munch on!!!

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