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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday Randomness!

So many things to share today so I'm just going to squish them all togehter!

*Full review of Vega One protein powder #fuelyourbetter
*My entire Roadtrippin' series will go live (FINALLY)
*A full review of the amazing Legoland Hotel
*Review of Lose It tea!
......and more!

If you're a city dweller, teach your kid to ride a bike early. Little Dude is just now 9 and finally learning to ride a bike. He's doing great but it's much easier to learn teach them when they're much younger! I promised that once he becomes proficient in riding I will put a Wii U on layaway and have it by the end of the summer. I grew up riding my bike and can't believe he has gone this long without!

We had the exciting opportunity to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 last weekend. This is the second movie in this franchise from DreamWorks, which also has a cartoon featuring the characters that my son just loves.

I'm always sketchy about seeing a sequel just because most of the time they're just trying to make a few more bucks off of the glory from first film. Also, Pixar usually has the market cornered on animated sequels! However, since it was free, I got passes for myself, Little Dude and his dad. Yeah, we let the Big Dude come with us just because I'm an awesome mom!

The movie really has some great messages. It tackles the basic good vs. evil but it also touches on forgiveness and how people are capable of change. It also demonstrates that just because someone is bigger, they don't automatically get to reign supreme over everyone. A group of "little guys" can be just as powerful as one big mean guy.

I don't want to spoil any plot points I won't go into detail on any of it, but there are 2 sad moments. One involves a beloved new character that we meet in this film while the other involves another beloved character that we met in the first film and played an important role in this film until their demise. Both of these sad moments happen back to back and it was a little devastating to Little Dude so if you're taking sensitive young'uns make sure they have a hand to old on to or a lap to snuggle in during the big battle scene.

I would recommend this movie for sure. I love seeing movies in the theater but this would be a good one either at the theater or for a family movie night at home. It's got a lot of family oriented messages and is a really good family movie.

We also get to see a few things evolve in Toothless that are pretty cool!

I officially have a 4th grader! It's bitter sweet. He did an amazing job in school this year but I can't believe he's already going to be a 4th grader. Excuse me while I get a tissue!

What do you do with your kiddo's during the summer? I'm lucky that his school turns into a summer camp in the summer. They have various week long themes and all sorts of fun activities!

Don't forget to check with your local library to see if they have a summer reading program! The Little Dude and I are both signed up. At the end he gets a free book and I get a free bag. Together we'll be unstoppable! There is also a grand prize drawing for an iPad! I'd sure like to have one since my 9 year old has had one for a year (courtesy of grandma.....that moolah ain't coming out of these cheap pockets!)

Detox Tea for Weight Loss

Are you ready for summer, beaches, bikinis? I'm sure  not but I'm closer than I was. I'm almost done with week 2 of my LoseIt tea and I love it! I've lost inches, bloat and it tastes GREAT! It's a detox and weight loss tea from Canada. There is no "junk" in it and I will probably be ordering after I'm done with this sample. I can't wait to see what the final results are!

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