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Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh Monday, I wasn't ready to see you yet!

I know,  I know..... somebody complaining about Monday.  So clichéd,  right?  However,  it wasn't me that was complaining about it!  It was the little dude!

I was shocked to hear "oh, mama....I really don't like Mondays. I need a day off." (Which immediate brought back my summertime mom guilt from last week).

Now,  I don't know if he planned it this way,  but I just so happened to be on the with my mom who gladly agreed to give him a Monday reprieve!

This is win/win for me for a few reasons:
1) Summertime mom guilt eased for a day
2) I don't have to make his lunch for camp
3) I had extra time which = MORE COFFEE
4) I get to go to work über early which means I get off early!  Yeehaw!

I think it's crucial for little dude to get a little extra downtime in the summer and I'm just so thankful that his "Mimi" (my mom) is close enough to help us make that happen!

How do your kids spend the summer?  If they're in a camp do you let them have a "day off" every now and then? 

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