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Friday, June 06, 2014

☆Blog hop!☆ My Friday Favorite! My son's school!!

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Today is one of those days that I had a COMPLETELY different post done and ready to go when all of the sudden I felt the need to change it up. Today is special to me because today marks the end of my son's 3rd grade year. To some people this is just a normal part of any school year. To us it's extremely special because this is the FIRST year that my son has had a great school year. A year free of conflict and strife.

I'm not one of those parents that changes schools at the drop of a hat or raises a fuss unless it's due. But, during his Jr K, Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade years my son dealt with horrible bullying from a student and then from 2 teachers. He learned at a young age how horrible people can be and how truly disgusting some human beings are. This was an unfortunate lesson for a little boy to learn. He lost faith in humanity by the age of 5 and it was heartbreaking. He still knew there were good people but all of the times he had been told "tell a teacher and they'll help" proved to be false in his little world. That first school he attended actually was shut down due to horrific actions on the part of the principal/owner that we were totally unaware of. So, by the first grade he had this sadness already and now the depression of losing his school combined with the stigma of being one of the kids that went to "that school".

I immediately found a new school.

I loved the new school and the family that owned it was amazing. I enrolled him and immediately began trying to get him acclimated to the new school so that he would be ready for it in the fall. My mom helped me immensely and took care of him all summer as this sad little boy laid on the couch battling depression and scared of what his new school would be like. He was broken. His little heart and soul were completely broken.

Over the course of the next two years there were issues with parents and teachers deciding to lead a sort of coup attempt on the school....the school that we had grown to love. The first year it was a parent and the second year it was the teachers. They decided they could do better with their own school(s) but wouldn't leave it at that and tried to steal all of the students. It didn't work. The core of quality students and parents stood by our little school and because of the trials we all faced together we came back stronger than ever.

This year, little dude's 3rd grade year, was a year that brought such closeness of not only the students but the new faculty and the parents. This school is so strong now. These kids have grown, healed and learned beyond my wildest expectations. This year was a transitional year and so many things changed. Things that made the minds at this school explore things they never even dreamt of before this year. They learned Latin, music, drama and ALL vastly increased their abilities in ALL areas of their academic lives.

We were both surprised with our awards!
Tonight was our awards ceremony and Little Dude received the award for "Extraordinary Self Composure" which basically means that he has been an exemplary student all year. I couldn't be prouder. I also won an award for being a Star Volunteer. I really don't think I deserve it, but I certainly appreciate it. I do what I can do raise money for the school and score them some sweet freebies now and then. I have them in every program we can get in that earns us points/equipment/books, etc....but I feel that's just my duty and my way to give back for what they do for my kiddo.

Have you had to deal with issues like these? Has your child been bullied? I'd love to hear your stories. I want to put together a piece in the coming weeks about bullying and its affect on kids. My son is also an HSC (highly sensitive child) so it really affected him. I want to put together resources and links to sites that can help get through those hard times. It had a profound affect on the Little Dude.

Now....let's have a fantastic Friday and celebrate the day! Let's celebrate how resilient kids are and let's just party because it's F R I D A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! Tell me something good about today in the comments and link your blog on up!  Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell EVERYONE.....let's get this blog hop growing because I have some cool giveaways in the works for this summer!!!

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