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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gluten Free (and Good) Roadtrippin' ☆Crunchmaster☆

First things first....let's get all of the pesky legal stuff out of the way. I was given an amazing box of Crunchmaster products for my Roadtrip and in return I said I would devote an entire blog post to the awesomeness that is Crunchmaster! I do not make any monetary reimbursement for this post.
I actually happened upon Crunchmaster when I was eating a GoPicnic Gluten Free boxed meal. I had seen Crunchmaster in the past but to be completely honest, they didn't look like they would taste good. How can I assume taste, based on a picture? I have no clue. They actually kind of look like some horrible crackers I tried some time ago and I think I was letting that influence me too heavily.
When I had my GoPicnic that day I was starving so I had to put my predisposed notions to the side and rip those crackers open. I have this weird habit of smelling things before I eat's a long story and goes back to when I was a kid and my mom would try to hide my copious amounts of meds in my food. So, of course, I smelled my crackers. Hmmm, they didn't smell like cardboard. (Which is what I thought they would taste and smell like). So I took a little bite. Hmmmm, they don't taste like cardboard either?! What has been my problem? They were delicious! I became an InstaFan!
When I knew we were heading on this road trip in the spring I was starting to panic. If you've read the previous entry you know that this was my first big road trip since going hard core gluten free (since the Celiac monster got me) and I was freaking out about the food.
I emailed my friends at Crunchmaster and asked if they would be kind enough to let me try a couple of items on the road trip and boy did they deliver! I had items I'd been wanting to try and things I didn't even know were available. I will admit though.....the Cinnamon & Sugar Grammy crisps didn't make it on the trip. I, um, sampled them heavily a few nights prior to the trip (Stress eating strikes again!).  I hadn't had a graham cracker since going gluten free and those little sweet treats HIT THE SPOT!!!!

Edamame Chips - Sea Salt
I had also been looking around my local, neighborhood stores for the popped edamame chips but had no luck. Crunchmaster sent me the sea salt and the wasabi flavors I had been looking for. I wasn't sure I'd like wasabi but I decided to give it a try since I had totally misjudged the crackers! They were both absolutely delicious and made a great "in the car" snack while driving the 8 hours to Southern California!
I was also given a few packages of their AMAZING crackers! There are so many varieties it's hard to declare a I don't. I LOVE them all!!!! They have Multi Seed Crackers, Multi Grain Cackers and so much more! Check out the Crunchmaster website for a complete product list, where to buy and COUPONS!!!!
Crunchmaster uses great, gluten free, ingredients and they are verified NON GMO! So you're not get any lab created monster grains in your snack, which is reassuring for me and for my kiddo.
I had a bunch of great pictures of me eating my crackers and chips all the way down and back from the trip but something horrible happened when I was transferring pictures over to my computer and I lost them ALL!!!! I was devastated. Thank goodness I had pictures of the hotel and fun at LEGOLAND and the beach posted to Facebook or I wouldn't have any pictures. :( I did have some good cracker selfies too. I'll try to recreate them during my future road trips. I hope that Crunchmaster will always be a part of my road trips!!! Follow me on instagram for more great gluten free snacks, products or for just random weirdness that happens on a daily basis!



  1. Just found your blog from the Social Media link up! Excited to be following along on Bloglovin! Yay for a new blogging buddy! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm always happy to have new bloggy buddies! ♡


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