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Friday, June 13, 2014

Blog Hop/Link up ~ My Friday Favorite! *Mint Tea*

Hello and Happy Friday the 13th (and there's a full moon)! Ugh. Those words make me cringe! I come from a VERY superstitious family and I know that at least one cousin and my 92 year old grandmother will not be stepping foot out of the house today. But, I've got a full day ahead of me. Not only is it Friday the's the birthday of the "Baby Daddy" (his full DOB is 6/13/66...can we say devil spawn?). Regardless of the actual date today, it's still Friday and it's time for us to have a Friday Blog Hop!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm kind of phoning this one in. I've been battling the stomach flu for the past few days. At first I just thought that my stomach was trying to leave my body, based on the pain, but I'm totally on the mend today. The turning point was yesterday and the only thing I wanted was some mint tea. Thank goodness I had one K Cup of Mint Medley and I brewed that sucker on up last night. It totally hit the spot! It calmed my tummy and allowed me to get a decent night of sleep. I'm kind of a mint tea junkie so I was shocked that I didn't have more than just that one lonely K Cup.

I didn't used to be such a tea drinker but now I sure enjoy my evening cup of tea. I'm still drinking my LoseIt Tea as well (I did take yesterday off because my tummy was very angry!) but it's really tasty and easy to brew. I've lost 12 lbs in the almost 3 weeks I've been using it. Good tea + weight loss = happy mama.

Do you have a favorite tea? Favorite brand or flavor? Do you prefer hot tea or iced? What do you put in your tea?

Ok kids,  it's your turn. I'm still feeling a bit queasy so I'll be surfing a lot today! Please link up your blog below! I can't wait to read some fun Friday entries! Oh - and stay tuned - I've got one giveaway that will probably be starting next don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out!


  1. I'm not much for tea, but I've heard it can be really good for you. What is the tea that you're using to lose weight? Very interested!

    Thank you for hosting :)

    1. Hi Sarah! First I wanted to say thanks for stopping by!

      I'm actually an affiliate for LoseIt Tea so I make a small amount if you order from my link. I don't sell it....I just help advertise it. (Had to get the legal stuff out of the way). They sent me this so I could try it out. I'll be posting a complete review on Sunday or Monday.

      It's really easy. I have the LIT Kit. I have a blend I drink in the morning and a blend in the evening. It's loose tea leaves. The brewing instructions are included too (along with a very doable list of preferred foods). The tea is really good.... But I'm a tea drinker too. I've tried some that were horrible over the years. This stuff is good though!

      I've lost inches and lbs and I haven't even been exercising because of an injury and then the tummy bug. I'll probably order some now that I've tried it. You can find out all of the specifics here and check back on Sunday for a full review! :)

      I was SUPER skeptical beforei tried but I'm really impressed!

      If you have questions let me know. I'm at work right now but can get back to you later on ;)

      Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm an absolute tea lover! I love trying new ones too. But my favourites would have to be jasmine green tea, green tea cranberry and kusmi tea the prince vladimir one.



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