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Friday, June 27, 2014

A few days off to grieve.... schedule to resume next week.

I have alot of things started but my heart has been heavy this week and filled with sadness and anger.
Last Thursday,  as many of you know,  my friends mother passed away after years of battling poor health.  That didn't change the fact that I was devastated.  Oh,  and I found out via Facebook.
I was coping and doing Ok,  this woman was like a 2nd mother to me so it hurt.
Then I find out Wednesday morning that a friend and coworker passed away very unexpectedly. We believe it happened Monday night and she was found Tuesday.  My boss found out Tuesday after we all left for the day.  Instead of calling us she was waiting to tell us the next day.  Again,  I found out on FB. At 5am. I called my coworker and let her know so we made our way to work to tell the rest of our department.  We had to wait until 8:15am for my boss to show up... Then found out she had a 13 hour head start on the grieving process.  I've been filled with anger,  sadness and depression since Weds at 5am.
I'll be back at the blog this weekend.  I just need another day or 2 to process.

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