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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thankful Thursday 5/8/14

This week I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes I have to just stop, disconnect and take a step back to really see what I have in front of me.
I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been handed to be lately. I should clarify, they were just handed over, it did take work. It just shows that if you do put in work, try hard and are a good person then good things will happen.
I'm also thankful for technology and true friendship. Technology has enabled me to get into touch with old an friend of mine that I've known for about 20 years. This friend was always very important to me (they probably don't even realize how important they were/are) but because of choices I made years ago I hadn't seen this person for quite some time. I had exchanged comments on facebook and that sort of thing. Now I've really been able to connect with this person (via text). Why is this important and why am I thankful? This person has reminded me that I am worth more than I sometimes remember. This person made me take a long hard look at my self and realize that I am beautiful regardless of size, hair color or anything else. This person reminded me that the scars on my body are because of the fact that I created and sustained a life in my body for 9 months and have spent every day since giving birth providing for that child, by myself. This person reminded me that I am important and no matter what choices I made in my life so far that every choice I have made brought me to where I am today.  Every choice, every wrong turn, every scar, every failed relationship....they have all made up a little piece of who I am and gotten me to where I am today. So I'm really most thankful for the fact that a true friend will always be in your life. Even if you don't see them for years or talk to them regularly, they are always there for you if/when you need them. Friendship, TRUE friendship, has no expiration date, no distance limitations, no off limit topics and no dishonesty. I feel so much better being back in contact with this person and knowing that I can be, and am ENCOURAGED to be, 100% and completely honest. If there isn't trust, there isn't anything.
If I could wish one thing for all of my readers it would be that you have the ability to have at least one friend like this in your life. If you're lucky enough to surround yourselves with them hen you have a blessed life. I feel pretty darn blessed knowing I have at least one. One that is always in my corner, no matter how stupid I am sometimes! They get me and my odd sense of humor and just go with it.
Don't forget how beautiful you all are, regardless of physical "flaws" we are all beautiful, no matter what we look like!

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