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Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Friday Favorite! **Taffy Activewear**

Hello!!! Sorry I wasn't able to post last week. I was going to try to get everything done and posts ready to go before our vacation but I ended up putting EVERYTHING off until the last minute.....and we barely got out of the house with our underwear packed!
So today, welcome to my Friday Favorite! This weeks favorite is Taffy Activewear!
Let me preface by saying that I am lucky enough to be a brand ambassador for Taffy (I didn't just steal that badge below!). I'm also a big fan of their products.
My camera is acting up since we got back from vacation so I'm having trouble loading my personal Taffy pics but if you saw mine I'd be smiling as much as the model in the pic! Taffy is created for girls with curves. I mean, I'm totally down with the fact that no matter how much weight I lose I'm still going to have big tatas. It's just in my genes (or bras, as the case may be). Even if the rest of me miraculously gets smaller than a size 14 I KNOW that my top half will still be rocking the 14+.
I wasn't sure what to think until I actually received my Taffy outfit. I ordered some pants, shirt and the jacket. I really hoped they would look ok and not accentuate all of the problem areas.
So when my goodies arrived I immediately put them on. I was in shock. In a good way. The pants seriously must have been made by angels! These pants accentuated all of the right areas and made my booty look FANTASTIC!!!(that is a sentence I NEVER thought I would say!) I want to wear these every freaking day, but I don't think my boss would approve. Damn her. I do, however, wear my jacket EVERY SINGLE DAY....unless it's 100 degrees outside. Then I just carry it with me. I love love love it. The shirt that I ordered also looks great and accentuates all of the right areas.
If you're not a stick figure and need something cute, functional and want to rock your awesomeness at the gym....or mall....or fro yo shop.....then you should seriously check out Taffy!
Taffy Essential Jacket
Pssst......if you do order....use my code HEATHER15 to get 15% off of your order!!! You won't be disappointed with anything you order. I'm actually going to order a few more outfits once my bank account is replenished from our Legoland trip!
Oh, and on that note.....That jacket in the picture above is the same one that I have. I took it with me, wadded it up and crammed it into my bag on the 8 hour drive to Southern California. That next morning it was a little chilly and I wanted my jacket. I took it out, hung it on the back of the chair while I got ready and it was completely wrinkle free when I put it on. Again....magic. Made by angels. I swear these products are amazing!
Hopefully I'm not rambling or sounding like an I write this I'm still dealing with the concussion from yesterday so I'm not totally myself!
So now that I've told you a little about my favorite thing today link up one of yours below! You don't have to do a back link. I like to do my blog hop as a way to network. I want it to grow and be a place where everyone can feel comfortable leaving their link.


  1. Taffy looks pretty cool! I will ahve to check out the sizing. I need a new post run jacket. I also linked up! Thank you!

  2. I would love to join the link up! Single Moms gotta stick together!


  3. Heather-- We are thrilled to have you on the #LoveTaffy team! Hope you feel better soon. Its sounds like you had a weekend of adventure!


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