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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Friday Favorite! *Physician's Formula*

Good morning and Happy Friday!!!!!

It's time again for my Friday Favorite! This week is all about Physician's Formula.

I've been gluten free now for well over a year and there are still a few areas of life that I've let gluten slip into. One of those being my entire skincare routine. For some reason I had it in my mind that it would cost a ton for any makeup that was gluten free and allergen free.

This stuff is AMAZING!

A few weeks ago I realized that my eyes were always burning. I thought it was seasonal allergies but even when I was out of the area or locked inside with no exposure to allergens they were still burning. So I decided to try some Physican's Formula mascara (which was actually cheaper than the other stuff I'd been buying!). When I was at the store I figured I'd get the eyeliner too. Anything that close to my eye could be causing trouble.

The next morning I put on my new products and you know what? For the first time in a very long time I didn't have red, burning eyes! I've had so many compliments since then about how nice my eyes look. Well, yeah.....when they're not bloodshot they look kinda pretty, eh?

Since the ol' eyeballs were doing so much better I thought I'd go poke around the makeup section on a trip to Target last weekend. I found this kit that had a few products in it, for fair skin. It was only $19. I ended up getting two. One was for fair skin and one was for medium. I actually got the medium first (over estimating the tan I thought I had already)....then went back and got the fair one the next day.

I've been using Physician's Formula for everything for about a week not and love it. My overall skin tone looks more even, it stays on, makes me feel amazing and is really very affordable.

The best part, their products are all allergen free and gluten free. I didn't honestly think getting the gluten off of  my skin would be a big deal but it's made a huge difference!

If you have any skin issues or allergies I would highly suggest getting some makeup that is allergen free. It might make a difference!

That's it from me today. Short, sweet and to the's been a rough week and my brain is mush!

Now it's your turn! Please feel free to link up below! It doesn't have to be your favorite, just link today's post and call it good! I'm going to leave it open for a few days so if you don't have a chance to link up today.....come back tomorrow and link up!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I keep forgetting to check my makeup!

    1. I had fir a long time. I can't believe the difference... And how quickly my skin has responded to the changes! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  2. Whoa. I think I need to check my makeup now too!

    1. Some companies will give you their allergen info..... Some act like you're asking for top secret info. I just finally opted for this brand because they are very up front with allergen info.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Happy Friday! ♡

  3. A little side note: some companies are very forthcoming with their allergen info, some aren't. I chose physicians formula because it's easy to find, affordable (check those CVS sales!) and works great. There are also a lot of great companies online that I have yet to try...but Red Apple Lipstick is next on my list!

  4. I love Physician's Formula! I have a gluten sensitivity so I don't have to cut gluten out completely but when I first discovered it, it took me awhile to realize I had to check my beauty products too!

    Thanks so much for hosting the link up! I a running late and have to go pick up my step kids but I will be visiting the blogs of everyone that links up next week! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for joining in!

      It is totally crazy how many products sneak wheat/gluten in for filler.

  5. I think I've used Physician's Formula years ago and I think I stopped using it because it wasn't the right color match for my skin. I'm glad to know they're gluten free. I'm going to link up at your party too. #ProductReviewParty

    1. Thanks Louida! I love your blog :)

      I did notice that with Physician's Formula.... Not a lot of variety on different shades/skin tones.


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