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Thursday, May 08, 2014

My Friday Favorite! 5/9/2014 Blog Hop~Link Up!!

This is my last Friday Favorite before we go off on our road trip! I'm getting excited and I got some more items today that will make traveling gluten free SO much easier for me! What were those items.....

So, because of that, today's Friday Favorite is GoPicnic!

I had heard so many things about GoPicnic in the gluten free community. Everyone was saying how great they are. But, me....being the skeptic that I am wasn't sure about an entire meal coming in one little box. I mean, really? How good can it be? How will that little box fill me up?

We were getting ready to go on a field trip with my son's school to San Francisco and I needed to throw something in the backpack just in case I couldn't find anywhere to eat. With everything having fresh seafood in the city I was terrified because of my fish allergies. I ended up tossing one of these in my backpack and off we went on our adventure.

I really didn't want to try it was in a box. When I finally did try it, out of sheer starvation, I was simply amazed! The flavors sound weird and you kind of wonder how they will work together. Well, I can tell you that they work wonderfully! The meals fill you up, they even have dessert and there's a little game inside for when you're done with your delicious little meal.

I'm sorry to make this kind of short. I'm starting to get into stress mode. I'm getting things ready for the trip. I'll schedule and post next weeks Friday favorite while I'm on the road so please participate this week AND next week! I'm also a hot mess from some sleep deprivation this week. I seriously think my downstairs neighbor needs a cpap machine. Girlfriend sounds like a freight train!

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Coming up......
*Vega Sport Recovery Drink
*Physicians Formula Makeup
*Taffy Activewear
*BeechNut Baby food
and much much more!


  1. I must find out more about Go Picnic. Gf as of Jan 6 I'm still learning and searching for companies to try. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hey Jill! Welcome (albeit a late welcome) to the gf world! I'm going to be posting alot of gf info the next few weeks. Check out Celiac and the Beast.... She's having gf giveaways all month...... And she's pretty cool too!

  2. Wow, cool! I'm always skeptical of box meals and/or monthly subscription boxes of food. This is so specialized, though, I can see it being a real help when traveling.

    1. ME TOO Larissa! I feel like if it's in a box it will probably taste like that box! The portions are decent and the food is tasty. They sometimes have them on sale at Target.... Might be an easy way to try a couple of varieties! :) they have non gf ones also that look good! If you're not gluten free there are twice add many options for ya ;)

    2. Dang auto correct! Should be *as..... Not add :(

  3. Hi Heather. You are the winner of the owl charm/embellishment. Stop by blog to read post. have a great day.


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