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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Me vs. the counter top

I had such great intentions of getting in on WIAW yesterday.  I need to get caught up on my blog and get back on track.

So,  I was rushing to get out the door yesterday.  I went to put something in my purse and when I raised up and crashed my noggin right into the corner of the counter top overhang.

My first thought was "oh f@#* that hurt and if this is bleeding this is really going to screw up my hairline for summer!"

Luckily my little 9 year old triage nurse came out to see what that thud was.  He told me to take my hands off so he could see if I was bleeding. Once he saw that I wasn't he said I should sit down and ice it. First off, who is this kid?  He's been 9 for five days and he's become this mature?  Um,  OK.

So,  we needed to get our the door and off to school/work. So we headed out. I didn't realize at the time how bad I had hit my head. My teeth hurt from it, I had an instant goose egg and my eyes weren't tracking straight at all. I got the boy dropped off and made my way to work.

I told the mom what happened and she went into EMT mode from her younger days.  She drove the 30 miles to come to my work to check me out.  I definitely have a mild concussion.

The morning is all a fuzzy haze. I iced it when we got home but still had alot of parental stuff to do.  So I worked through the dizziness and got almost everything done. The rest is happily sitting there waiting for me.

I'm so sorry to still be off my normal schedule but I just want coherent enough to write last night.

Thankful Thursday will be up tonight and the Friday Favorite Blog hop will be posted tomorrow as well.  :)

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