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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

#WIAW What I ate Wednesday

I'm sure I won't do this every week but I thought it would be fun to give it a go this week!
Welcome to WIAW (What I ate Wednesday)!
For starters I woke up super late and missed my workout.  (I woke up at 6!). It would've been easy to just say screw it and buy lunch on the run today.  However,  I know that doing that always sets me up for a slippery slope to poor food choices.
So I got the little dudes breakfast ready and I threw today's lunch (for me) in the oven while I hit the shower.
I managed to get us both ready,  breakfast and lunch done.  Lunches packed and we were only running 10 minutes behind schedule.
My breakfast may not look like much but it's a power punch of vitamins and nutrients. Coffee with chocolate vitamin/protein powder (instead of creamer), water of course and my smoothie.  Today's green goodness is vanilla vitamin/protein powder,  tons of spinach,  unsweetened vanilla almond milk,  1 banana and peanut butter.
As for the rest of the day.... snacks are an apple ALT bar and chia squeeze. Lunch is baked Turkey tacos with spinach and cholula.  Dinner will most likely be chicken and veg.
What are your fast go to meals for hectic mornings?
Want to join in on the fun?  Hop on over to to get the WIAW details! 

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