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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #WIAW 4/16/14
I'm really trying to get better at getting some pics for WIAW but for some reason the past few Weds have been absolutely crazy!
This morning started out the day with an amazing new Espresso Protein Drink. It's called Click and I really didn't think it was going to be that great. Normally anything I've tried in the protein realm that is supposed to be coffee flavor falls short, hardcore.
So on the way to dropping my kiddo off at school he talked me into stopping at Dutch Bros (this will be on an upcoming My Friday Favorite!) which I managed to nurse until snack time. Once my tummy told me it was time I thoroughly enjoyed that that coffee with a Larabar (another topic for a future #MFF) .

By the time lunch rolled around I was ready to enjoy my mini meatloaf that I made last week. I ended up putting in ALOT of spice and those are some HOT little meaty muffins! I ended up making a big batch of them an then doing 3 days of super strict clean eating so I froze the meatloaf.....which was fantastic because I was REALLY lazy when it came to food prep this week!
I was working late so I saved my afternoon snack until much later than normal. It was another delicious pouch of Mamma Chia Blackberry Bliss! It sure powered me through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.
Once I finally got my kiddo home I had a tostada (ok, I had two).....but I baked the tortilla to get it nice and crispy. Then I added a little ground turkey some fat free refried beans, green onions and of course.....Cholula!
I'm going to SERIOUSLY try to do a better job visually next week. My kiddo will be out on Spring break so I'll be going to work early and getting out early, which is always a welcome change!
Hope you all have some great eats this week!


  1. Love CLICK! Which flavor did you try? I love the Vanilla & Caramel the best :)

    1. I ordered the sample pack last week. So I tried caramel first (sooooo good!) And today I'm trying vanilla. I really didn't expect it to be that delicious! Do you do it hot, cold or blended? I tried the caramel blended and it was amazing!


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