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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Today was another busy and crazy day but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

I had to make the run to Target after work to get some Easter goodies for the kiddo. I had gone to the dollar store earlier in the day to get a few little cheap odds and ends. They're always good for some filler.

But when it was time for the good stuff I knew I needed to hit up Target. I have a little trick to keep myself from spending too much time at Target....I go to the one that I call "ghetto Target". I know. It sounds horrible but it's in the neighborhood that I used to live in so I feel I'm qualified to call it ghetto Target.

Anyway, back to the item at hand. It's Thankful Thursday. I'm so tired as I write this, I apologize for getting so off track or rambling!

The thing I'm most Thankful for today is the magical aspect that comes with so many holidays. I know that some people seem to think that Easter has become too commercial and some people only celebrate the religious aspect of it. Would you like to know what the most important aspect is for me? It's the magic in my little dude's eyes when he sees what the Easter Bunny has done.

I know that if you ask him, he's getting pretty big and is nearly grown up. However, in my eyes it's hard to believe that he's almost 9. He wears a fedora to school. He rocks his individuality. I also know that he's starting to question the legitimacy of the ol' floppy eared, egg delivering, overgrown bunny. He made a comment the other night basically accusing me of being the bunny. I said that was craziness! So, what do I do? I go out and spend more money just so I can buy him a little something in a small basket, only to be outdone by the Easter Bunny. It takes more work, more money and more time but it's worth it to see that magic sparkle in his eyes.

Not only am I thankful for the magic in those eyes, I'm thankful I get to see every aspect of life through those eyes. Sometimes as you get older and get jaded by the world and events in your life you forget what it's like being a child and going through everything for the first time. you forget what it's like to learn and to experience things. I'm so thankful I'm the mom to a smart and loving little boy.

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