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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday 4/23/2014

Good morning and HAPPY THUSDAY! We're one step closer to Friday and one step closer to our May vacation!

I'm linking up today with a super cool blog I stumbled upon called Katherine's Corner. I just happened across it last night and I was so tired. I can't wait to check it out a little more today when I'm wide awake and check out some of the blogs that are linked up on today's blog hop there!

I'm linking up to the Favorite thing Thursday but since I already do a favorite thing on Friday I thought I'd go ahead and link up my Thankful Thursday post.

So what am I thankful for today? I'm thankful for good friends. As I mentioned above we have a vacation coming up. I gave my son the choice to spend all that money on another birthday party.....where we spend large amounts of money on entertaining small people for a couple of hours.....or save that money and stay in the hotel he's been dreaming of (details to come later) AND take his best friend. Well, being the 40 year old trapped in an 8 year old body that he is...he opted for door number 2. Now, I know it would be quite the undertaking to double the amount of children that I'm used to and most parents wouldn't let a 10 year old go with another family on vacation 500 miles away. Luckily, we have some amazing people in our lives and after talking a bit with the child's mother they were in! We are taking Josh's best friend, who is about a year and a half older than him. They are both so excited. I'm just thankful that A) this other kiddo has such a cool mom and we get along so well. She knows that I will take good care of her kiddo. (Just as I would trust her with the little dude) and B) that my son has such a good friend.

Going to such a small school I worried that he wouldn't have that bond with any other kids that I had when I was growing up. He doesn't have the neighborhood life that I had when I was growing up and he doesn't get to play outside all night until it's dark, like when I was a kid.

I'm just completely thankful and grateful that he will get to have this amazing birthday and get to spend such a special day/vacation with his bestie. The great thing is these kids are the coolest. They are so entertaining and I'm sure the 8 hour drive will NOT be a quiet one. They make me laugh on every field trip I drive I can only imagine what it will be like driving across the state!

I will be featuring a complete rundown of the vacation when it happens as well as a special series that I'm working on "Gluten Free (and Good) Roadtrippin'" that will have all sorts of great info.....and just maybe a giveaway or two!


  1. That's going to be such a great trip! What a smart decision :-).

  2. Thanks Heidi Kay! I'm hoping I survive with 2 kiddos! They're truly awesome little dudes so I'm sure it will be quite memorable! I'm taking my son's dad as well so at least I won't be outnumbered! :)


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