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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

SoCal Celiac Foundation Fundraiser!

Hello and Happy Tuesday afternoon!

As a person who lives a gluten free lifestyle (unfortunately not by choice) I know how hard it can be as an adult. I was also told as a child to avoid wheat/gluten but back then it wasn't fully understood. I grew up being told that I would outgrow my issues and allergies. I was told (by medical professionals) that I should re-introduce the foods back into my diet. So I did. I had constant stomach pain, fatigue, bad skin, rashes, hives, constant illness, digestive issues and so many other lovely things to deal with. But, I thought that was normal. I thought everyone dealt with that because my Dr told me to do what I was doing.

I know that if people knew then what they know now I would've enjoyed myself a whole lot more! If there had been people who knew about these issues and what they meant maybe I would've known what was going on sooner. Each day I was just harming myself more and more. I've now been completely gluten free for 14 months and just wish I would've figured things out sooner.

My fellow gluten free friend Sandra is on a mission in Southern California. She is meeting with school districts all over the area raising awareness about the School Awareness Initiative.

School Awareness Initiative

Purpose of the CDF SoCal School Awareness Initiative

Increase diagnosis of celiac disease in Southern California youth in order to prevent long-term illness and minimize suffering caused by delayed diagnosis.
Improve the quality of life for children with gluten-related disorders in Southern California by meeting their health and developmental needs in school and at home.

Sandra M. EaglesonSchool Nurse Awareness Program

Identify children at risk for celiac disease, and improve the care of children already diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
  • Education presentations for school nurses
  • Distribution of awareness posters for use in school offices
  • Educational literature for school nurses to distribute to families

View the poster

Mental Health Program & Anti-Bullying Program

Aid the emotional and social development of youth with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, and promote social understanding of individuals with dietary restrictions

kid eating school lunch 2Gluten-Free School Lunch Program 

Assist schools to provide safe gluten-free meals for students with a medical need for the diet.
  • Survey parents of children and teens to determine current satisfaction with ability to get a gluten-free school lunch
  • Education to parents on rights to gluten-free school lunch
  • Consulting and education with school district food service to provide gluten-free meal options that are free from cross-contact with gluten
Is your child on a gluten-free diet and attending grades K-12? Complete the survey

Support the Initiative while enjoying wine and gluten-free food on August 27th


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