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Monday, April 07, 2014

My happy Monday #2!

I'm so happy to be doing my second My Happy Monday link up with Sarah over at My Mostly Healthy Life! Such a great way to start the week!
Today we've got 6 little topics on deck to smile about:
1) The first thing that made me smile today was the fact that my alarm clocks woke me up!  Last week I had some major over sleeping issues!
2) What I'm looking forward to today is getting my workout in tonight. I broke my toe on Friday so I'm waiting to do my Cardio tonight so I can ice that little purple toe afterwards. 
3) My favorite thing so far about this Monday was finding out I'm an Ambassador for the Pretty Muddy 5k! (Separate blog post coming soon for that one! )
4) My pet that melts my heart is our big cat a Thomas.  He found us where we used to live about 6 years ago.  He was skin and bones (not now)! He has been my little dude's constant companion since then! He thinks he's a tiny little kitten..... But yeah..... He's not.
5) I AM reading a book.  I'm reading the Hunger Games..... I'm a little behind the times!
6) Something small I've done for someone else today..... We took a spice muffin for little dude's before/after school teacher.

Bonus: The best part of today had to be hearing my son laugh uncontrollably on the way to school this morning.  I'm glad I'm a goofy and fun mom! His laughter is the best sound I'll ever hear. ♡
Hope you're having a happy Monday as well! 


  1. This was a very happy Monday indeed! Laughter is the best medicine :)


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