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Friday, April 18, 2014

My Friday Favorite! ☆Blog Hop☆Special Double Whammy ~ Dutch Bros AND Larabar!!!!

I'm sorry about all of the products featured in My Friday Favorites lately! I got so behind on my blogging I just need to share ALL of my favorites! I will have more than products soon. I just have to work through all of these great things I've been working with in the past few weeks/months.

I'm combining it this week. I was running around crazy the other day and needed a little something. I hadn't eaten anything yet and needed a quick fix of caffeine. So, I reached for my Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar and got a Nonfat Iced White Annihilator from Dutch Bros. I didn't know that the combo of those things would rock my world so completely until it happened.

Two pieces of heaven!
Why do I love these two products? Well, let's roll through the details. I was in line the day Dutch Bros. opened down the street from my house and I've been a regular since that day (almonst 2 years ago!!!). My child is quite the little customer as well. He loves his chocolate milk with a whip straw. Dutch Bros can make any drink you can imagine. My regular drink is one that was suggested to me by one of the Dutchies and it is so good. They're fast, they're good and you always leave with a smile. There are 3 locations near me but I stick with my sweet Dutchies down the street. They rock, they know my drink and they always play great music! If you need a shot of caffeine, a sweet treat, a little pick me up or just a to your local Dutch Bros and order anything on the menu. It's all good. If you're used to going to OTHER coffee places just tell them what you usually get there and they'll make something even better.

Then there's my old friend, the Larabar. When I first had to go to a gluten free way of living I was a hot mess. (well I still am but for other reasons now!) I found out that so many protein bars, granola bars, snack bars, oatmeal squares, even candy had gluten. I needed a snack and I needed it to be good. My gluten free diagnosis pretty much was the start of my conversion to the healthier lifestyle. So, I figured if I was cutting out the gluten I may as well cut out the other crap too! I decided to try a Larabar after seeing several other friends on social media swearing by them. I have tried almost every flavor and have yet to meet one I don't like. If you haven't tried Larabars they have very few ingredients. There are no preservatives. No GMOs, gluten free, some are dairy free and some are vegan. If you haven't tried them, you really should!

I couldn't make it through life without these two things. I have about a 1 a day Larabar habit (just wish I could find MORE flavors locally) and since I got my Keurig I'm down to about 1 a week in the Dutch world.

Do you have a favorite thing? Favorite Food? Favorite Recipe? Favorite pair of socks? Favorite anything??? Please link up below and tell us all what your favorite is! I'll be hosting a weekly #MyFridayFavorite so get those posts ready!!!

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