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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Friday Favorite - Mamma Chia Vitality Squeeze!

Today's fabulous (and gluten free) Friday Favorite is Mamma Chia Vitality Snack!
I kept seeing them online but couldn't find one around here despite all of my searching!  Then,  as fate would have it,  I was getting some snacks to take with me on my son's field trip..... When I spotted it!  MAMMA CHIA! There were only 3 flavors at the store: strawberry something (allergic to strawberries), apple cinnamon (sounds sweet)...... And blackberry bliss (HELLO!  WE HAVE A WINNER! ). So I grabbed ONE and threw it in the backpack when I got home in preparation for our Friday adventure.
Fast forward.  The day of the trip.  I was trashed from walking around all day.  I needed something. I got it that funky packet and thought "This stuff is weird. I don't know if I can do it. " I opened it and in true weirdo fashion I smelled it first.  It smelled FANTASTIC! So I gave it a go.  The verdict: I REALLY like it!  It's got a light flavor and isn't weird at all! My picky 8 year old even likes it! There are small chia seeds in it but there isn't that chia "gel" like in chia pudding. It's very fluid.
For some people it could be a great snack. Healthy,  low calorie,  made of only good stuff. For me it's fast become a huge, and important,  part of my diet. 
See, I've acquired a NASTY fin fish allergy in the past couple of years. So I'm low on the omegas. Since I've had to cut out fish my cholesterol has gone up a bit but I've started massively incorporating chia wherever I can but I get bored with chia pudding,  chia in oatmeal and chia in protein shakes.  These little pouches of chia squeeze are packed full of the omegas I so desperately need!  (Check out the nutrition label)
So not only are these a great, healthy, portable snack...... They don't have any junk in them!  Non Gmo,  gluten free,  bpa free..... On and on and on! 
Seriously. .... check them out! The company sent me some coupons when I ordered so now I've got to track down the Mamma Chia drinks and see how they rate!


  1. This sounds like a yummy treat and I know my daughters would enjoy these too!


    1. There are quite a few flavors too (but I'm hardcore hooked on the blackberry bliss)! Healthy and delicious is a win/win! Thanks for stopping by!


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