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Friday, April 04, 2014

My Friday Favorite ~ Bolder Bands!!!

LOOK! It stayed on!!!!!
This post is waaaaaaay overdue and I apologize to my friends at Bolder Band for taking SO long to get this up. I just didn't want to rush myself. It's kind of like when you're SURE you've found true love, you're afraid to put it all out there on the line because you just might jinx it. I'm ready however, to take that next step with my one true headband love! I'm making it official.....Bolder Bands.....I LOVE YOU!

Let's back this love story up a bit. I've apparently got a very large and oddly shaped head. I like to think that means that I'm super intelligent or something like that. I've invested millions (ok, more like hundreds) of dollars over the years in cute headbands. I used to wear cute ones, you know the cutesy ones when you're a little girl? Those all fit ok. So when I got all grown up I REALLY wanted to wear cute stretchy headbands, especially when I workout to hold my frizzy white girl fro in place. I would buy different headbands everywhere I went, each time thinking THIS was the headband that was going to work. It never failed that every time I put one of those suckers on it would pop off my head like some sort of science experiment in speed and velocity within a minute of me putting it on. I always thought if I moved really slow maybe it would stay on....but that kind of defeats the purpose of buying them for WORKING OUT, right?

So, then, I was only buying the ones with the little gripper things in them. Popped off. So I started trying to try them on in the stores. Popped off. I didn't know what to do. I spoke to a friend of mine who apparently is also brilliant (she has an odd shaped big head too). I saw a picture of her wearing a headband and asked what her trick was. When she told me tons of hairspray and pins my heart sank. Bummer. Us super smarty, big oddly shaped head girls are just stuck in a sad headbandless world.

Then I saw this suggested post on Facebook for Bolder Bands. Aw, what could it hurt to check them out. I was lucky enough to get a couple different headbands to try out. One is the regular size and one is large. They both work well. I'm actually right on the edge of the regular world.....and just over the threshold into large head land. So while both headbands do work great for me....I prefer the regular. (BUT THEY'RE BOTH ADORABLE!!!). I do some vigorous cardio every morning....and this sucker STAYS PUT! I kept thinking, ok.....pop off.....NOW.......ok........NOW! It never did! IT STAYED! So I'm suggesting these headbands to anyone, everyone, male, doesn't matter! My son wants one so bad and we fight over my black/white chevron one. I'm going to buy him one for his birthday so he can wear it in races.

You're probably wondering what makes Bolder Bands different. They're super special and they're so much more than what you'll find in your local drug store or sporting goods store. First you need to measure your head to make sure you get the correct band so this band will fit YOU. YOU pick the pattern you want. So, what's special about these bands.....EVERYTHING! They now have patterns for the more rugged types also called Bro Bands (I'm eyeing that camo for little dude's birthday next month).

Please, if you're headband challenged, go watch the tutorial on how to measure and you can finally get a headband that stays put AND is cute! You'll thank me! Seriously! If you're NOT headband challenged......still go check them out (you'll than me too)! The people are awesome, the headbands are top notch quality and there's a pattern for everyone.

***Please note: I'm a SUPER cheapy tight wad cheapskate and I'm ordering more.....doesn't that tell you how awesome they are???***

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