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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Friday Favorite - Blog Hop/Link up!

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is my favorite day of the's time for my Friday Favorite! This week (and every Friday from now on) I'm hosting a Friday Blog Hop/Link up! Spread the word, invite your friends and there WILL be some giveaways coming up! I'm working with a few companies right now to get some goodies for you all! 
If you have something great you'd like to share please scroll down to the bottom and link up! All I ask is that you post a back link to my blog. You can use my logo from above or your own. It's all about having fun and sharing our Friday Favorites! I will be visiting EVERY linked blog!
I had something altogether different ready to go for today but I stuck it back in my drafts and decided to switch gears a bit. My son (aka the Little Dude) is a very special kid and had a rough couple of days. He's gotten hurt twice in the past 24 hours and broke a gadget that is his most prized possession.
The sadness I saw in his sweet little teary blue eyes tonight made me realize that if I had to choose one favorite thing right now, it would be him. He's an amazing kid (though, I'm probably just a tab bit biased!).
When I was younger I never really thought about having kids. I really didn't want them. But, as fate would have it, there was another plan in the works for me. I found out very far along that I was pregnant. It was a shock and I honestly didn't know what I was going to do.
Now, I can say, with 100% certainty that I couldn't imagine my life without this little joker! He's wise beyond his years and has a completely warped sense of humor and still loves to snuggle with his mama.....sometimes.

So today, without a doubt, I can tell you that this my Friday Favorite. I guess it's fitting also because today marks the last day of his Spring Break. I'm taking a couple of hours off today to spend a few extra hours with him. I think I see a FroYo date in our future (after my blood donation this afternoon) the way.....that Frozen yogurt place will be a future Friday Favorite. So stinkin' good!!!

Ok friends! It's your turn! Link up your blog below!!!


  1. Thanks for giving us this opportunity! I found you on triberr. Let's be friends! =) I'm doing my first link up starting Saturday evening, called Spiritual Sundays. Check it out at brittanybullen(dot)com under my link parties tab!

  2. Can't wait to add mine this Friday!!

    1. It'll be fun! I'm hoping it'll keep growing! It's a great way to start the weekend! ♡ See you Friday!


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