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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Me vs. The alarm clock

Well, I've managed to oversleep TWICE this week!  This is SO not like me! I normally wake up and work out at 4am. This new disturbing pattern of over sleeping is really messing with my groove!

So, going into today I've got 2 workouts yet to do (today's and the one I missed on Tues). I can make it up but I'm just so mad at myself for letting it happen.... again.  I woke up this morning to my son saying "Mom I've been up for alot of time,  should I go back to bed?"..... I looked at the clock...... And now I owe him at LEAST a dollar in the swear jar.

I didn't get a chance to make my lunch today,  so I'm trying to figure it where I can go that 1) celiac friendly 2) 21 day fix friendly 3) nearby and 4) within my super tight budget parameters. Mexican food is at the forefront.... At least I've got a few hours to research allergen info. 

Needless to say I've got the best 8 year old in the world!  He got up,  got ready and got dressed without me nagging him which allowed me ample time to freak out while getting ready!

Hope you are all having a fantastic (waking up on time) Thursday!


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